Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 has been delayed, and now, the fandom wants to know when they will be able to read the next chapter of their favorite manga.

The thriller manga has already been a fan-favorite, and now the recent developments of it have made it even more exciting. In the previous chapter, we learned the true identity of the Primal devil, who is said to be one of the strongest devils in the manga to date. We even get a glimpse of her powers when suddenly, the civilians start flying in the air.

Well, there’s definitely more of the devil that we may get to see in the upcoming chapters. So, let’s jump into the article to learn about the delayed chapter’s exact release schedule.

When does Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 get released?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 124 was scheduled to release on March 21, 2023, or March 22, 2023, and now it receives new release dates, i.e., Tuesday, March 28, 2023, or Wednesday, March 29, 2023, depending on your time zone. You can look at the below time schedule to find out the release time of the chapter on Viz Media and Manga Plus in your region.

What happened in the manga previously?

When the Primal, aka the Falling devil, attach her head to the body, she realizes that she is not wearing anything, so she hides behind a chef’s uniform. She then announces that as the beings of Hell are insisting, she will be the chef tonight. On the other side, Yoru tries to talk to Asa, but the latter ignores her as she recalls a traumatic incident.

Asa sees an orphanage lady asking her to let go of her cat just because one of the kids at the orphanage is allergic to it. The lady promises her that she will hand over the cat to one of her friends, but she does not do that. Asa found her cat drowning in the river. When Asa returns to reality after witnessing the horrifying events of her past, she shouted in fear. Hence, she got separated from Yoru only to find herself flying. After that, several people fly because of the Falling Devil’s powers. In this state, Yoru could not retake control of her body, so she just asks Asa to keep calm as everything will be fine soon.

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