In the latest episode of the anime, we see a tragic death sequence of our titular character, which his father, Naruto, also witnessed. So, it’s not an understatement to say why fans want to know if Boruto really die in the manga or if we would see him surviving Kawaki’s attack.

Naruto has seen several deaths of his close ones, but this time he saw his only son being brutally killed in front of his eyes. Well, it’s never easy to see your child dying and you witness everything being the most helpless person on the planet.

When someone like Naruto could not believe that whether the things happening in front of him were reality or a dream, then no wonder why every anime-only fan is concerned about Boruto‘s fate as well.

Does Boruto Uzumaki really die in the manga?

No, Boruto Uzumaki does not die in the manga. Chapter 66 of the manga brings an action-heavy battle between Code, Kawaki, and Borushiki. Initially, the latter handles the former two very well, making Code escape the fight. Momoshiki in Boruto’s body wants to kill Naruto, so Kawaki tries his best to stop the demon inside Naruto’s son’s body. However, Momoshiki turns out to be stronger than him, so Kawaki has to struggle a lot.

Boruto somehow manages to take control of his body, and as he knows Momoshiki is hard to defeat, and he is a threat to everyone around, he opts for his last resort option. He asks Kawaki to kill him for everyone’s safety. Kawaki pierces Boruto’s chest with his transformed hand, and Naruto cries out in horror.

However, it was not the end of Boruto’s story as we saw Momoshiki resurrecting him by replacing his own balanced data with Boruto’s data. Later, he also explained that he brought Boruto back to life because it won’t make sense if his vessel died, leaving him behind. That’s because Momoshiki wanted to keep himself alive in Boruto’s body, but if Boruto dies, he cannot take possession of a lifeless body.

Boruto fans can’t stop talking about the animation quality of Episode 292

Boruto manga fans already know that the hero will be back, but still, they mourn the character’s death because his death feels more heartbreaking in the animated version. Besides that, every fan is impressed by how beautifully the episode has been animated. You can see some tweets from the fans below:

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