The Demon Slayer anime series has given us several reasons to be puzzled before, the latest one being the ending of the third season’s second episode.

In the latest episode of Demon Slayer Season 3, we saw Tanjiro training with the battle swordsman doll. Initially, Tanjiro keeps on getting beaten up by the mechanical doll, but when the young swordsmith Kotetsu says that Tanjiro will not get anything to eat or drink until he works on his skills, Tanjiro starts finding ways to outsmart the doll. When the doll’s neck shattered due to the force of Tanjiro’s sword, it unveiled an ancient sword inside of it.

The 300-year-old weapon seems to be the secret Mitsuri told Tanjiro about

In the first episode of the ongoing season, the Love hashira tells Tanjiro that there’s a hidden weapon in the village that he needs to find. While hunting the weapon, Tanjiro came across Kotetsu, Muichiro, and Yoriichi Type Zero. When the mechanical doll ends up wrecked at the hands of Tanjiro, the rusted Nichirin sword gets revealed.

The Nichirin blade belongs to the famed warrior Yoriichi, after whom the doll was designed by Kotetsu’s ancestors. So, they obviously thought it to be the safest place to hide the weapon. Moreover, Yoriichi was a mighty warrior, so his sword would not be any ordinary sword either. As it is the same sword with which Yoriichi almost killed the father of all demons, Muzan, it was crucial to hide it to avoid it falling into the wrong hands.

Even before Tanjiro, many demon warriors trained with that doll, but no one got their hands on the sword, so it is evident that Yoriichi’s blade itself chose Tanjiro as its user. It’s more because of destiny rather than just Tanjiro’s good luck. Besides that, we all are familiar that Tanjiro is a pure soul and no one can be more deserving than him to get Yoriichi’s sword as a prize. However, when Tanjiro found it, it wasn’t in its best shape, but as per the manga, the swordsmith Hotaru Haganezuka sharpened its blade and added a new hilt to the sword.

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