At the end of the first episode of Demon Slayer Season 3, we got a glimpse of a person who looked like Yoriichi, but as the episode did not reveal much about the mysterious figure, every fan remained puzzled. However, the new episode has divulged that the person we saw in the previous episode is not a human but a mechanical doll resembling Yoriichi.

Demon Slayer is such a fantastic anime show that we can’t praise it enough. Everything from its story to its animation is absolutely top-notch. The way the story of this anime series is progressing, it is garnering colossal fandom.

As the current season takes us to the Swordsmith village, we are introduced to several new characters, including a mechanical doll, Yoriichi Type Zero. Several fans may find the doll intriguing, and they might want to know more about it. So, let’s find out what/who it is.

What is Yoriichi Type Zero?

Yoriichi Type Zero is a mechanical doll that Kotetsu’s ancestors designed 500 years ago to help the demon slayers to train themselves. The doll was created after the first and the most powerful demon slayer, Yoriichi, and that’s why this doll was also named after him. As explained by Kotetsu in the latest episode of Demon Slayer Season 3, the doll holds 108 movements used by the famed warrior Yoriichi when he was alive. So, these powerful movements make Yoriichi Type Zero a formidable opponent for all the demon slayers, as it holds more strength compared to humans.

Yoriichi Type Zero has six hands holding Katanas in each one of them. The structure of the doll was inspired by the Mythological demons. Even though it is highly skilled and robust, it is nothing in front of the real Yoriichi. However, the Swordsmith village people had put their trust in the doll and crafted it in such a way that it could be an asset for them and the demon slayers.

When Muichiro, the Mist Hashira, cut the doll’s left eye and one of his right hands, it still remained useful when Kotetsu repaired it so that he could train Tanjiro. In the beginning, Tanjiro had a lot of difficulties, but Yoriichi Type Zero taught him to recognize his opponent’s moves. It seems the mechanical doll will play a vital role in Tanjiro’s mission to get his hands on Muzan.

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