As Bella Ramsey shines as Ellie in The Last of Us, fans struggle to remember whether or not Lyanna Mormont died in Game of Thrones.

The Last of Us has finally made its long-awaited premiere on HBO and HBO Max, with lead actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey making an impressive splash as Joel and Ellie.

Ramsey famously played the courageous Lyanna Mormon in Game of Thrones, who became a fan-favorite character thanks to her quick wit, stout expression, and ability to shame an entire hall of veteran soldiers in an instant.

However, many fans are struggling to remember whether or not Bella Ramsey’s Lyanna Mormont died in Game of Thrones; here’s a quick recap.

Did Bella Ramsey’s Lyanna Mormont die in Game of Thrones?

Yes, Bella Ramsey’s Lyanna Mormont did sadly die in Game of Thrones season 8.

Lyanna Mormont was named the Lady of Bear Island and the head of House Mormont after her mother Maege was killed in the War of the Five Kings, with the young leader swearing fealty to John Snow as the King of the North.

In Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 ‘The Long Night’, Lyanna Mormont is commanding the defense of the Winterfell courtyard despite pleas from her cousin Jorah to find a safe place to hide.

As the walls of Winterfell are breached, an enormous Wite Giant comes crashing through the gates and knocks Lyanna back several feet. The Lady of Bear Island would then charge the giant, only for him to catch and lift her up to his eyeline.

The giant then crushes Lyanna in her armor but at the moment before she dies, Lyanna is able to muster the strength to pierce the giant’s left eye with a knife made from Dragonglass.

The giant and a deceased Lyanna fall to the ground where they are trampled over by the invading army of the dead; however, due to the Night King’s powers, Lyanna is resurrected shortly after.

Lyanna is assumed to have died (for the second time) when the Night King is defeated by Arya; John Snow lights her funeral bonfire in season 8 episode 4.

Speaking to The Cut, Ramsey would share how she never thought Lyanna would become a fan-favorite character so quickly.

“Yeah, I didn’t expect it at all. I just turned up, did my filming, and would see what happens. I wasn’t sure whether people would like her or not, because she’s quite a unique character. But I’m very glad and very grateful that people do like her.” – Bella Ramsey, via The Cut.

The rising star would then explain how she enjoyed playing Lyanna because of “how strong she is — mentally, physically, personality-wise.”

“I like how she sticks up for what she believes in, no matter the cost or the consequences. I really admire her confidence, how she can just stand up without flinching in front of all those people.” – Bella Ramsey, via The Cut.

When asked what she would miss most about playing the character, Ramsey hilariously and accurately responded:

“I think the opportunity to stand up in front of a load of grown men and shame them. I think playing confident characters also helps with your own confidence. Say you’re in a situation where you’re feeling anxious or nervous — you can become a character and work through it that way. I’ll miss that about her.” – Bella Ramsey, via The Cut.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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