We are about to get Blue Lock Episode 23 very soon, and here, we have accumulated its release information for curious fans.

Blue Lock has been an exciting anime since it first premiered, and due to the immense love it received from fans, the manga became one of the fastest and best-selling mangas.

Previously, we see Isagi finally making a move against Rin’s team to earn a goal. The last episode also shows how Bachira misses several opportunities to control the field because of his insecurities. However, he convinces himself to listen to his inner voice leaving all the worries behind.

Well, as the recently released preview images and official synopsis of the next episode hints toward something interesting, let’s find out when we can get our hands on the awaited episode.

When does Blue Lock Episode 23 get released?

Blue Lock Episode 23 will get released on Sunday, March 19, 2023, at 1:30 AM in Japan. Apart from that, International fans can catch up with the episode with English subtitles on Crunchyroll at the below timings:

What happened in the 22nd episode of the anime series?

Rin uses his freekick and earns a goal, making it 4-3 on the scoreboard. Isagi realizes that despite knowing Rin’s formula, he cannot capture him. So, he decides to make a new move as now his team has possession of the ball. When Chigiri passes the ball to Isagi, he makes it look like he will use his front foot to kick the ball. But suddenly, he used the reverse shot technique and earned the goal.

While Isagi and Rin’s team members continue trying to win the match, Bachira realizes that his friends might go far from him. Nagi approaches him and says that the way he plays currently, Isagi may not choose him to play for his team. After this, Bachira starts thinking that he has been listening to his inner monster for several years, but now he will only pay attention to what his inner voice says.

On the other side, when Isagi reaches closer to the goal, his shot is stopped by Rin. However, as Rin stops the ball by his head, the ball directly reaches Bachira, who already looks for a last chance to prove himself. Bachira starts running forward with the ball without any intention of passing it to any player on his team. The opponent team decides to block his way so that he has no choice but to pass the ball. However, Bachira gets more determined and keeps moving forward with the ball after outsmarting everyone. Soon, he sees Isagi standing in front of him. It seems he has read Bachira’s mind.

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