What time will episode 12 of Don’t Hurt Me My Healer release and why is season 2 sadly never going to happen after a production update?

With so many anime being simulcast around the world each and every broadcasting slate, it’s understandable that some series can fall by the wayside.

Even the most avid anime fans can’t keep up with all of the new shows and all too often, we have to drop series that had massive potential, but just could not keep our attention for 12 consecutive weeks.

Unfortunately, Don’t Hurt Me My Healer has yet to be publicly renewed for season 2 and if the episode description for the finale is anything to go by, this will likely be the last time we see Carla and Alvin on our screens.

Don’t Hurt Me My Healer: Episode 12 release date and time

Episode 12 of Don’t Hurt Me My Healer is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, June 26th via Crunchyroll at the following international times:

“A mysterious old castle rises in the darkness. Standing in their way is a vicious mage with dark powers. Alvin and Carla are forced to fight a serious battle against the most powerful enemy ever. The story now reaches a climax of excitement and emotion!” – Episode 12 Story preview, via kono-healer-anime.

Don’t Hurt Me My Healer season 2 renewal status

As previously noted, Don’t Hurt Me My Healer has yet to be publicly renewed for season 2 and unfortunately, there are multiple signs that the anime will not return for another adventure.

The most obvious indicator of the end of the line is actually the episode caption for the season 1 finale, which is titled “That’s the Deal with episode 12”.

The production team stated in a refreshingly honest caption, “We’ve reached the final episode at last and the entire staff including those on the manga side would like to thank you all for watching but because the manga doesn’t yet contain a story that could be used for a final episode this is basically going to be a totally original story.”

“It’s also sad to reach the end at last and while we’d really like to spend more time with Carla and Alvin and the others please remember that their adventures will continue in the manga so continue to support them there but anyway thank you so much for watching and once more from the bottom of our hearts we’d like to say thank you so much and that’s the deal with episode 12 (final episode)” – Episode 12 description, via kono-healer-anime.

As described here, Tannen ni Hakko’s original manga series has only released four complete Tankobon volumes in Japan, meaning that there is not enough source material available to produce a second anime season.

Whilst the series is still ongoing, the popularity of Don’t Hurt Me My Healer is also arguably not good enough to merit another TV broadcast. On almost all user-based feedback websites, the anime has struggled to gain any type of momentum across the 2022 Spring slate.

The series is currently scoring a 53% on Anilist, 2.7/5 on Anime Planet and just 5.65/10 on MyAnimeList. Moreover, the anime could only manage a peak position of 26th place on AniTrendz ongoing fan polls.

In all likelihood, this will be the last time we see Carla and Alvin grace our screens, but this also gives the team at Jumondou the chance to create a larger project that can hopefully have more legs than Don’t Hurt Me My Healer.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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