A Dororo Webtoon adaptation has been announced that will take the series into the modern era and fans are not happy with the changes.

Dororo is an iconic manga and the 2019 anime adaptation from Studio MAPPA was arguably one of the best series of the entire year. However, as the popularity and demand for Webtoons continues to grow, it was only a matter of time before the original series got a modern twist.

Unfortunately, whilst some fans are celebrating the new announcement that a Dororo Webtoon will be produced later this year, there are a significant number of fans that are not happy with the changes that the new version will include…such as Dororo’s absence.

A Dororo Webtoon adaptation announced

This week, it was announced that the hit Dororo manga series from Osamu Tezuka would get a new vertical-scrolling Webtoon adaptation.

The new Dororo Webtoon will be released by Media Do, Tezuka Production and Copic Communication, with reports that Lee Do Kyung will be helming the writing aspect of the new adaptation (Book Eater 4-koma, Chibi Arcane Sniper and Moonlight Sculptor).

The new version will be released simultaneously in South Korea and Japan in December 2022. The official press releases states that 10-15 episodes have currently been scheduled, with weekly releases for each new chapter.

Sadly, an international release date was not revealed; however, The Anime Daily note how “After the local release, the production team is also preparing for the global release” which fans can likely expect to see translated into English in Q1 2023.

“DORORORO” has battle and fantasy elements, which are particularly popular genres in the vertical scrolling comics genre, and its attractive worldview and expandability, which are suitable for vertical scrolling, make the remake version a work that will be accepted in a wide range of countries and generations. The remake will take full advantage of the knowledge of Korea, the leading country for vertical scrolling comics, and will be richly interwoven with scenes that are both impactful and realistic.” – Media Do, translated by DeepL.

Fans aren’t happy with Dororo Webtoon changes

Unfortunately, there are some significant changes that will be made to the original Dororo story that fans aren’t too happy about – most notably, the fact that it will be set in the modern era and Dororo isn’t even set to appear in the series at all!

Per Comic Natalie, the “setting has been moved to the present day while retaining the concepts and themes of the original story” and “In the present day, a new kind of magic called science rules the world, and yokai (monsters) continue to survive and thrive in the dark in collusion with evil people and in positions of power.”

“Meanwhile, the main character, Hacky, has been pursuing the yokai for hundreds of years since the original story, regaining parts of his body, and has survived to the present day as an immortal. Eventually, Hacky meets “Roro,” who looks somewhat similar to Dororo, with whom he had once shared a painful relationship. …… Hacky and Roro embark on a new journey together.” – Comic Natalie, translated via DeepL.

Understandably, the changes to the already-fantastic Dororo story have not gone down well with fans. One user on social media stated “They are making a Dororo Webtoon that looks nothing like Dororo. Hyakimaru has his arms, Dororo isnt even here. And s*** suddenly every modern day K-Webtoon Setting like ever.”

Replies to the announcement post from Ani News And Facts included “This…doesn’t look like dororo much”, “Just why…” and “Eewww” – although there are an equal number of positive replies too from fans praising the art style.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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