What date and time will Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 release around the world, and what has the draft summary revealed about the manga?

The next chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga may still be several days away from releasing both domestically in Japan and around the world online, but the series is already trending on social media platforms.

This is because the spoilers for the next manga installment have finally been shared online, with leaks remaining a key part of the overall industry as we head toward the first chapter of 2023.

Here is everything that fans need to know about Dragon Ball Super chapter 89, including the leaked draft summary spoilers, release date, and time for global reading.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 release date and time confirmed

Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 89 is scheduled to release on Friday, January 20 in Japan and on Thursday, January 19 for the majority of international readers.

As confirmed by Manga Plus, the latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga will be made available to read online at the following times:

Access to the full catalog of published chapters will cost new readers just $2.99 a month via Viz Media, Manga Plus is also available to download through the App Store and Google Play.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 draft summary

Spoiler warning: The following draft summary for Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 ‘A Rival Appears’ was uploaded online by the popular DbsHype Twitter page:

A few days after the incident on Butterfly Mountain, Trunks attempts to access something on his computer but for some reason, he can’t get through the security system. He wonders if he might be able to access it through his mom’s computer, and he really manages to access the mysterious file. After opening it, he sees Cell’s initial data.

Only a matter of moments later, several of Dr. Gero’s faces appear on his screen and he realizes that it’s a computer virus. He tries to remove the CD to prevent the data from being lost, but Bulma comes into the room and asks him what he’s doing. The two initially think that the CD has been broken, but Bulla is able to fix it in a second. Bulma then asks Trunks to go with Mai, who is standing behind them, to school.

“Bulma thought that Mai not going to school, despite her childish appearance, would attract suspicion, so she enrolled her in the same school as Trunks. She introduces herself to the class and everyone says that she’s very mature and beautiful. She sits in the chair next to Trunks and the students start to ask her several questions, like about the fact that she lives in Capsule Corporation. Scale asks if she has a boyfriend and Trunks intervenes, saying that she doesn’t. Soon after, a new transfer student is introduced, named Beta. Ruler says he is hot and the teacher tells him to sit next to her.” – Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 draft summary, via DbsHype Twitter.

After class, the boys are playing basketball and one of them comments that Trunks is playing better than usual, he says that he’s playing better because he is taking the game more seriously today. He looks at the crowd and sees Mai watching the game.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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