Despite more than a decade and a half of commercial success since the 2007 walkout, Family Guy’s Seth MacFarlane is continuing to support the WGA writers strikes in 2023.

The 2023 Writers Guild Of America (WGA) strike has just hit the three-month mark, and Seth MacFarlane, one of the most successful animation writers in the TV & Film industry, has finally publically confirmed his involvement in the walkout. The Family Guy creator’s involvement should come as no real surprise, however, given his involvement in the last large-scale industrial action in Hollywood in 2007.

Seth MacFarlane speaks out about 2023 WGA writers strike for the first time

It was widely reported in May that MacFarlane had ‘quit’ both Family Guy and American Dad in solidarity with the WGA strikes, though neither Fox nor MacFarlane offered any comment to the public regarding the situation.

But MacFarlane, perhaps looking to confirm that he is in fact supporting his fellow writers, took to his Instagram on July 18 to share a snap from the front line of the demonstrations.

“Great seeing you on the picket lines today”, wrote MacFarlane in a caption addressed to his long-term production and writing colleague, David Goodman. MacFarlane could be seen holding a WGA strike placard, on which he had written the words Family Guy, alongside a drawing of the show’s iconic talking baby, Stewie Griffin.

2007 pictures show nothing has changed for Family Guy creator

MacFarlane has generally strived to be vocal about any and all issues that he feels strongly about throughout his career – whether that be politics, climate change, or pop culture.

And a rare snap from 2007 shows that, even when he was slightly less successful and had fewer accolades and achievements to his name than he does now, MacFarlane was still out on the streets alongside his fellow creatives during the 20007 WGA strikes:

The WGA West Strike Continues Outside Fox Studios
Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

In fact, MacFarlane’s involvement in the last walkout actually caused something of a stir behind the scenes at Family Guy, in what was one of the first instances of him and the show’s network, Fox, failing to see eye to eye.

While Fox typically gives MacFarlane the final say on every Family Guy episode they air, the network released three episodes without his say-so whilst he was striking, despite his warning that doing so would be a “colossal di*k move”.

Family Guy season 22 appears unaffected by WGA 2023 strikes

Thankfully for both parties, it looks less likely that there will be a repeat of a similar clash this year.

While there is no end in sight to the WGA strike at the time of writing in early August, Fox released a preview of the upcoming season 22, due out on October 1, and it looks like it’s all ready to go.

The chaotic five-minute trailer revealed several key storylines for the new installment, including an adventurous attempt to send Peter flying above his house, and a rather ruthless depiction of one of Hollywood’s most in-demand stars.

Of course, regardless of what stage the season 22 episodes are at, if the strike is still on by the start of October, the release of the new content could place yet another thorn in the relationship between MacFarane and Fox.

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