A recent episode of Family Guy, The Munchurian Candidate, has captured the hearts and minds of fans online, and possibly the panel of judges at the Emmys.

With the show just months away from airing its 22nd season, many people believe that Family Guy is no longer funny, or that it has at least passed its best. But an episode from the most reason, The Munchurian Candidate, may have put an end to such beliefs, having gone viral for its sensational ‘acting’. With several fans claiming the episode was worthy of awards, we’ve delved into whether the Munchurian episode was the reason Family Guy received a nod in the 2023 Emmy list.

The Munchurian Candidate – a modern Family Guy classic

Even after more than two decades on our screen, Family Guy is still continuing to push boundaries and toe the line of what we think is acceptable on TV.

While the show is no longer the ratings powerhouse it once was, episode 4 of season 21, which ended in May this year, is the most recent example of an episode that has got people talking about the new installments of the animation, rather than simply reminiscing about episodes from the past.

In a plot that could only be conceived by Seth Macfarlane et al., The Munchurian Candidate sees Lois armed with the ability to hypnotize Peter into performing, lets say ‘intimate’, acts on her.

Rather randomly, Peter’s hypnosis is triggered by the theme tune to the long-running news show Extra – a sensation that becomes very awkward when Peter is alone in a bedroom with Lois’ mother, Babs, when she begins to watch that exact show on her TV.

A clip from Family Guy ‘Munch’ episode prompted Emmy shouts

And it was that very moment between Peter, Babs and a distressed Lois that the internet came together to enjoy, with a tweet that described the moment as “the best acting ever done in Family Guy” pulling in just shy of eight million views.

While one typically wouldn’t associate ‘acting’ with Family Guy as it is an animation, the scene really does highlight just how valuable voice actors and actresses are to the operation – particularly through Lois’ blood-curdling scream Alex Borstein lets out at the end of the video, which one user summed up by saying “you’d think lois was in a horror movie”.

“She’s (Borstein) desperate to get family guy that Emmy”, wrote another fan in response to the clip, to which a viewer replied “and you know what they (Family Guy) deserve it”.

What did Family Guy get nominated for at the Emmys?

Just a couple of weeks after the Munchurian clip went viral, the list of nominees at the 2023 Emmy Awards was released and, low and behold, Family Guy was on it.

The show received a nomination, it’s first since 2021, for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance, specifically Borstein for her role as Lois Griffin.

Despite having had several nominations in the past, Borstein has only won one Emmy for her contibutions to Family Guy, back in 2018, indicating that the panel must have seen something pretty special in season 21 in order to put her forward for the sought after prize.

Though we’ll never know exacty how this year’s nominations were decided, given that there is over 1000 judges, they could well have been influenced by the widespread priase online for The Munchurian Candidate, an episode which could mark the start of a long-overdue comeback for the iconic show.

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