Fashion heads and Family Guy fiends will be battling it out among one another to try and get their hands on a pair of custom ‘Stewie Griffin’ Air Jordan 1s.

Whether you’re a certified Air Jordan collector or you’ve never bought a pair in your life, these new custom 1s are the perfect pair for you – as long as you’re a Family Guy fan, that is. A unique collaboration between two creative customizers has birthed the ‘Stewie Griffin’ Air Jordan 1s, and we know exactly how you can get your hands on them.

Sneakerheads launch Family Guy themed ‘Stewie Griffin’ Jordan 1s

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, the sneaker community finds yet another way to entice you to drop a paycheck on a pair of shoes.

Customization brand Johnnys Kicks has teamed up with the like minded Tagzfootwear to create the Stewie Griffin AJ1s, an unconventional modification of the popular sneaker which uses the pastel yellows, reds and blues associated with Stewie to pay homage to the outspoken animated toddler.

Whether you wear your Jordans high or low, JK and Tagz have got you covered, with multiple sizes available for each style.

How much will the rare customs set you back?

Of all the bizarre characters in TV’s Family Guy, young Stewie is perhaps the most outrageous – so the eyebrow-raising price tag of the custom AJ1s is actually rather fitting.

For a pair of ‘Stewie Griffin AJ1 Lows’, you’ll have to cough up a whopping $2000, with the Highs going for the increased price of $2500.

According to the listing on Johnnys Kicks, “all pairs will be made by hand by order”, so you can expect to wait 3-5 months before your Stewie G’s reach your door.

FOX's Family Guy - Season Seventeen
Photo by FOX via Getty Images

In terms of sizing, you can have pretty much any size you want, but it’s worth noting that there are only 20 pairs available in total (10 lows and 10 highs), so you may have to act quickly.

Johnnys Kicks stresses that “All sales are final” with “absolutly zero exceptions”, so make sure you are completely sure of your purchase before you order, as you will not be offered a refund or the option to return “under any circumstances”.

Tagzfootwater do The Simpsons customs too

Despite the hefty price tag, the Stewie Griffins aren’t actually the most outlandish Nike customs on the market.

In fact, such creations are just another example of the work that Tagz carry out on a daily basis, like these custom ‘Marge Simpson inspired’ Air Max 1s they commissioned for a sneakerhead back in February:

The fun doesn’t stop there, with the store’s customers having ordered the likes of Cookie Monster and Creed-inspired AFJ1s, to name but a few of the many wacky examples on the brand’s Instagram page.

So next time you complain about having to go sneaker shopping, just remember that any shoes can be exciting if you’re willing to drop a couple of thousand on them!

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