There are several new romantic comedy anime set to premiere on the 2023 Spring slate, but these four series are sure to melt your heart.

The 2023 Spring anime slate is finally just around the corner and for fans of the romantic comedy genre, the new season has some serious expectations to meet following Winter’s best rom-com, Tomo-chan Is a Girl.

Thankfully, there are some adorable new series set to take Tomo’s place on the new slate, including these four anime that are sure to get you smiling.

Here is everything that fans need to know about the best romantic comedy anime from the Spring slate on both Crunchyroll and HiDive.

Four must-watch new romantic comedy anime this Spring

Insomniacs After School

Insomniacs After School is an upcoming school romance story, adapted from Makoto Ojiro’s original manga series by Liden Films (Tokyo Revengers, Call of the Night).

As the title suggests, this series will focus on two young people whose anxieties fade away as soon as the sun goes down; gazing up at the stars, is it possible to find true love whilst finding peace in the dead of night?

“Ganta Nakami is a high school student who suffers from insomnia. One day, he meets Isaki Magari, a girl with the same condition. A strange, but special relationship forms as they share a secret and catch up on their sleep in their school’s abandoned observatory…”

Insomniacs After School will premiere via HiDive on Monday, April 10.

Skip and Loafer

Skip and Loafer, also known as Skip to Loafer, is an upcoming romantic comedy anime from Studio P.A. Works (Ya Boy Kongming, Buddy Daddies) adapting Misaki Takamatsu’s original manga series.

A classic rom-com story under the backdrop of the drama that comes with moving schools and finding new friends, this anime is certainly going to be one of the most ‘smile-inducing’ series from the 2023 Spring slate.

“Iwakura Mitsumi graduated from a small middle school in the countryside and entered a top-tier high school in Tokyo at the head of the class. This child prodigy, who moved to Tokyo alone with a perfect life plan, is smart and gets good grades… but she isn’t quite on the same wavelength as others socially. This means that she sometimes makes mistakes, but her easygoing nature sways her classmates little by little, and all their different personalities are coming together before they know it.”

Skip and Loafer will premiere via Crunchyroll on Tuesday, April 4.

The Dangers in My Heart

The Dangers in My Heart is an upcoming romantic comedy, adapted from Norio Sakurai’s original manga series by Studio Shin-Ei Animation (Teasing Master Takagi-san, Stand By Me Doraemon).

Whilst this anime may initially appear like a run-of-the-mill school romance series, The Dangers in My Heart takes a rather unique twist with its main male lead actually wanting to murder the female lead in the beginning…Can true love defeat murderous intent?

“Fascinated by murder and all things macabre, Kyotaro daydreams of acting out his twisted fantasies on his unsuspecting classmates — but an encounter with Anna Yamada, the gorgeous class idol, lights a spark in the darkness of his heart. It’s a classic tale of an antisocial boy falling for a popular girl, but neither are who they appear to be at first glance. Will Kyotaro and Anna defy their expectations of each other — and of themselves? Based on the shonen rom-com slice of life manga series by Norio Sakurai and serialized in Akita Shoten’s Manga Cross.”

The Dangers in My Heart will premiere via HiDive on Saturday, April 1 at 2 PM ET/7 PM BST.

Loving Yamada at Lv999

Loving Yamada at Lv999 is an upcoming video game romantic comedy anime from Studio Madhouse (Death Note, Hunter x Hunter), adapting Mashiro’s original manga series.

This story will be one to watch for gamers around the world, with the main character seeking solace in her favorite RPG after her boyfriend cheated on her; only to meet a boy that has the potential to be true love’s final boss.

“After her boyfriend cheats on her with another girl he met in-game, Akane Kinoshita learns the hard way that gamer boyfriends can be just as bad as the offline variety. As she vents her anger by beating mob monsters to a pulp, she has a chance encounter with Akito Yamada, a guildmate with an afro and Noh mask.

Yamada is unsociable and curt, hardly the type of person to make Akane swoon. However, while his gaming stats might be maxed out, Yamada is inexperienced in matters of the heart, and against all odds, she finds herself moved by him. Making new friends along the way, can Akane shake the heart of Yamada, a final boss-level high school boy?”

Loving Yamada at Lv999 is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, April 1 on Crunchyroll.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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