Hell’s Paradise is one of the best anime series with the goriest and bloodiest themes. Gabimaru the Hollow is responsible for justifying the theme with his deadly powers and abilities, which we have already seen when he brutally killed the sinners to save his own life. So, let’s find out about the gruesome shinobi in detail.

For fans who love anime series like Tokyo Ghoul, Hell’s Paradise is a treat as it comes with some of the harshest elements. The main protagonist of the anime is the one who beats the opponent in a brutal fashion. Below, you will get to know more about the overpowered character.

Who is Gabimaru in Hell’s Paradise?

Gabimaru is a shinobi from a place called Iwagakure. He is an average-height man with a muscular body and white hair. He led his life with his wife before ending up in prison for his past deeds.

When he was an infant, his parents got killed by Iwagakure’s leader, who also adopted him and made him a monster. However, things changed when Yui came into his life and pushed him toward humanity. Yui also brought the kind side of Gabimaru that anyone else hasn’t seen. That was also the reason Gabimaru couldn’t kill Sagiri when he also got a chance to do so. That’s because he, for some reason, saw his wife’s reflection within Sagiri.

What are his powers and abilities?

As shown in the anime series, Gabimaru holds incredible reflexes and speed, due to which he dodged the attacks of Sagiri’s blade during the execution process. He also comes with superhuman strength, which helped him to survive the procedure where his legs were tied, and two bulls were pulling his body from different directions.

Moreover, he can also release flames from his body, and that’s why during execution when he was set on fire, he survived. He just got some minor burns on his body. When it comes to combat skills, he can puncture the opponents with his bare hands and foot. That’s why he did not take much time to kill his fellow prisoners despite his hands being tied.

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