House of the Dragon is running at a fast pace, and the story has already moved six months ahead. As Episode 1 has set a base, the second episode showed us several new characters as well as new locations, out of which one is Dragonstone, and fans who are new to the GOT universe started to wonder what it is.

In the first episode, we saw Princess Rhaenyra chosen as the new hire for the Iron Throne. The decision taken by King Viserys bothered several people in his Kingdom, including his brother Daemon Targaryen – who later took control of the Dragonstone.

House of the Dragon | Official Trailer

House of the Dragon | Official Trailer

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What is Dragonstone?

Dragonstone is the ancestral castle of the Targaryen family and the birthplace of the Seven Kingdoms’ first king. Moreover, according to the series, Dragonstone belongs to the heir of the Iron Stone. The castle on the Island was created by the Valyrians, who used a rare material and made the castle look like the shape of dragons. The material used on the castle changes shape with the dragon, so the Dragonriders (Targaryen) can use their magic to shape the island. In the Game of Thrones series, Dragonstone was also the home to the Dragonglass, the only material capable of killing the White Walkers.

After Princess Rhaenyra became the heir to the throne, the castle Dragonstone belonged to her. However, Daemon, his lover Mysaria and his army go and start living in the castle. Apart from that, he also steals the Dragon Egg that’s supposed to be kept in the cradle of a newborn Targaryen child.

When confronted by Otto Hightower, Daemon says that he will soon marry Mysaria, who’s already expecting a baby. After a few minutes, Rhaenyra shows up and says that the castle belongs to her as the King has made her the Princess of the Dragonstone.

What happened in House of the Dragon Episode 2?

Episode 2 kicks off with red crabs eating a sailor and on the other hand, two ships being burnt. After that, the episode shows Lord Corlys Velaryon showing his concern for the shipping lanes in a meeting with the King and his alliance. He also reveals the threats that the Triarchy was giving them. On this, the King assures Lord Corlys that he will find a way to deal with the Triarchy (The Free Cities).

After that, Rhaenyra was asked to choose a new knight to join the Kingsguard. So, she chooses Criston Cole within seconds as he is the one who has also defeated a warrior like Daemon. Later, we see King having a chit-chat with his cousin Rhaenys and Lord Corlys, who want to get their daughter marry the King. However, later in the episode, we see King announcing whom he wants to marry, and that’s not Corlys’ daughter Laena, of course. In fact, he says that he would be marrying Alicent Hightower. Hearing this, Lord Corlys got angry, and things got awkward for Rhaenyra as Alicent is her closest friend.

Lastly, in the episode, we saw Corlys sitting with Daemon, and it doesn’t seem to be good news for King Viserys.

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