As the new update brings an Attack on Titan crossover for the ages, how can players find the Jaeger’s basement in Fortnite Battle Royale?

The crossover collaboration between the iconic anime series Attack on Titan and the popular Battle Royale video game Fortnite has been on gamers’ minds for several weeks now.

Thankfully, the new v24.20 patch has brought countless AOT-related updates to the game, including not only items and cosmetics – but a brand new, secret location; the infamous Jaeger basement.

So, how can you find the Jaeger’s basement in Fortnite, and what other Attack on Titan items can now be found in-game?

How to find the Jaeger’s basement in Fortnite

The most recent update to the iconic Fortnite Battle Royale video game has finally brought fans the infamous Jaeger basement from Attack on Titan.

In the original Attack on Titan manga and anime series, the Jaeger basement is where Eren’s father hid his materials containing the secret of the Titans, his past in Marley, and the world outside of the Paradis walls.

It is also where Eren was first injected with the Titan serum; but how can players find this easter egg location in Fortnite?

Players can find the basement by following these plans:

The basement contains two chests, one of which has the Scout Regiment seal on the top (known as the Scout Regiment Footlockers), which contains the newly added ODM Gear that players can equip.

“Jaeger’s Family Basement has appeared on the Island! But just as this basement contains many secrets, its exact location in Anvil Square is a secret too. Find the location of this new nook in Anvil Square.”

Fortnite x Attack on Titan collab goes live

The v24.20 update brings a whole host of new Attack on Titan easter eggs, cosmetics, items, and references to Fortnite, including:

Also included is the Eren Jaeger spray, key ‘Back Bling’, Scout salute emote, and Armored Titan pickaxe.

Both Levi and Mikasa also have their own back bling options, with four separate emblems being available that represent the Scouts, Cadet Corps, Military Police, and Garrison groups.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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