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How can you play the Attack on Titan x Fortnite map, and what new anime themed-content is set to release in chapter 4 season 2?

Attack on Titan has an incredibly rich video game history, although the majority of recent gaming experiences have come from major crossover events including Call of Duty and Fortnite.

Whilst gamers around the world prepare for the new content in chapter 4 season 2 ‘Mega’, many anime fans are considering dropping back in once again thanks to the new Attack on Titan content.

A new set of Eren Jaeger cosmetics are on the way – but how can you play the Attack on Titan custom maps in Fortnite?

How to play Attack on Titan’s Fortnite map

The first thing to note is that Fortnite’s upcoming chapter 4 season 2 content will feature slight map alterations, but these will not include an Attack on Titan rework.

In fact, the Attack on Titan Fortnite maps come from Creative Mode, meaning that individual gamers have put in the time and effort to create modded versions of the map.

Arguably the most popular Attack on Titan x Fortnite maps include:

  • Attack on Titan Zone Wars (Earth_Official) – 8047-4355-5418
  • Attack on Titan Battle Royale (Skill-Moovix) – 5795-9677-3832
  • Attack on Fortnite 2.0 (Shinohara) – 2922-0953-9391
  • Attack on Titan The Pit (Marseck) – 1474-2085-8408
  • Attack on Titan Shiganshina (Zahame) – 2113-9325-5109

In order to play these maps, users should follow this guide:

  • Add the ‘Island Code’ to your playlist
  • Navigate to ‘Discover’ on the game page, changing game-modes in the lobby
  • Launch the game directly from the ‘Discover’ playlist options

Whilst anime fans would love to see an official Attack on Titan map enter the main game, these custom-built experiences can give you all of the ODM-flying fun that you need.

Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 is available to stream on Crunchyroll and Hulu, with the series finale (part 4) set to premiere in Fall 2023.

AOT x Fortnite collaboration brings new content later

Fortnite chapter 4 season 2 is themed around ‘Mega’ content, with new skins, vehicles, map variations, and guns making their way into the game.

  • Mega Fast: Two new vehicles, the two-person ‘Victory Crown Rogue’ bike and ‘Nitro Difter’ race car.
  • Mega Sharp: Three new attacks- ‘Kinetic Blade’, ‘Knockback Slash’, and ‘Dash Attack’.
  • Mega Masterful: Grind rails can be found across the city, allowing for Sunset Overdrive-esque run-and-gun gameplay.
  • Mega Frenetic: Two new weapons, the ‘Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle’ and the ‘Havoc Pump Shotgun’.
  • Mega Assisted: New augments include ‘Dumpster Diving’, ‘Sap Surplus, and ‘Dignified Finish’.
  • Mega Mellow: New biomes that feature cherry blossom trees in ‘Steamy Springs’, fish-filled ponds in ‘Knotty Nets’, and ‘Kenjutsu Crossing’.

There are also a whole host of new cosmetic skins available in Mega Chic, including ‘Renzo the Destroyer’, ‘Thunder’, ‘Highwire’, and more through the battle pass.

Unfortunately, Epic Games has not yet confirmed when the Eren Jaeger skin will be available in-game, with the cosmetic labeled as coming “later in the season.”

Leaks have also claimed that there will be a ‘Scout Salute’ emote, a Titan-themed pickaxe, emoji and banners; with a mid-season variant for the main cosmetic skin.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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