The popular I Shall Survive Using Potions light novel and manga series will be releasing an anime adaptation later in 2023.

Anime in 2023 is off to a solid, if not slightly overwhelming, start to the year with around 54 different series all releasing new episodes each week.

However, as we head towards the final month of the Winter slate, many viewers are now looking ahead to what the rest of the year will hold – including fans of the popular I Shall Survive Using Potions light novel series.

This is because only a matter of hours ago, it was finally confirmed that the series would be receiving an anime adaptation in 2023 – here is everything that you need to know about I Shall Survive Using Potions.

What is I Shall Survive Using Potions about?

I Shall Survive Using Potions is an original light novel and manga series, written by FUNA and illustrated by Sukima, which debuted in November 2015.

The series tells the story of Kaoru Nagase, a 15-year-old girl who is reincarnated in another world, after the supernatural being that watches over Earth makes an error and accidentally erases her from existence.

However, Nagase is one of the sharper tools from the shed and makes several demands to the supernatural being if she is to survive in this new world:

“Not one to take this turn of events sitting down, Kaoru makes a demand: the power to create potions at any time she pleases, with whatever effect she wants it to have—and it doesn’t stop there either. She asks for a magical Item Box, the ability to understand and speak every language, and the same body she had back when she was a fifteen-year-old girl.” – I Shall Survive Using Potions synopsis, via J-Novel.

Thanks to her knowledge of the real world, these magical powers, and a steely determination; Nagase sets out to not only survive this new reality, but to thrive in it.

I Shall Survive Using Potions anime to release 2023

Only a few short hours ago, it was confirmed that the I Shall Survive Using Potions light novel series would be receiving an anime adaptation.

The series will premiere sometime in 2023, but a more specific release date remains TBA.

Whilst a production studio has not yet been shared, the main cast was unveiled as part of the anime adaptation announcement:

Author FUNA would share, “Now I’ve written three works, all in book form, all in comic book form, and all in anime form. Three hits, three home runs. As a novelist, I am very moved. This is all thanks to you, my readers. Moving and talking Kaoru, enjoy!”

Rin Kusumi is best-known for playing Minagi in Slow Loop (2022), Lauren in Skeleton Knight in Another World (2022), and Hina in The Yakuza’s Guide to Babysitting – she will also play the lead role of Emily in the upcoming My Unique Skill Makes Me OP Even at Level 1.

“With the potion given to me by a goddess and the ability to create such containers, I intend to survive in another world, but I am not sure if I will be able to …….I will do my best to play the role of the very attractive Kaoru. I hope you all enjoy the show!”

Tomoyo Takayanagi was notably the voice of Gojou in My Dress-up Darling (2022), and Mika in The Demon Girl Next Door (2019) – she will also play Ruby in the upcoming Oshi no Ko series.

“I love the way Francesette has followed the path she believes in, and I feel close to her as she faces her doubts and fears. I am very excited by the possibilities of the potion and the snappy words and deeds of Lady Kaoru! Enjoy the broadcast! Best regards!”

Koizumi has played the likes of Nana in Shoujo (2018) and Shioriko in Love Live Nijigasaki (2022); she noted, “I’m going to have a fun trip with Kaoru, so please look forward to it!”

Iwata’s biggest roles have been as Mahiru in Shoujo (2018), and as Towa in D4DJ. “When I read the original story, I was thrilled to see the scene where various potions are freely created by Kaoru’s power. I am very happy to be involved in this production. I hope to enjoy playing Belle, and I look forward to working with you,” she said.

This will be Natsuki’s first major anime role:

“I am very much looking forward to seeing what kind of life I will be able to lead with Rayette and her sister Kaoru. I will do my best to express the charm of Rayette that I felt when I read the original story, and I hope that everyone who has seen the anime will feel the same way. I hope you are looking forward to it. Thank you very much!”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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