What time will Kaguya sama season 3 episode 9 release on Crunchyroll and what has the official preview synopsis revealed about the next adventure?

The Spring anime broadcasting slate is now into its third and final month, with countless series entering their home straight as they build up towards their respective finales.

The slate has been dominated by two series, in particular, the newcomer Spy x Family and the returning Kaguya sama anime; with scores of 9.05/10 and 8.96/10 seen for each series on MyAnimeList.

So, with there only being four episodes left from Kaguya sama season 3, what time will episode 9 release on Crunchyroll worldwide and what has the preview synopsis revealed about our lovebirds’ next adventure?

Kaguya sama season 3 episode 9: Release date and time

Season 3 episode 9 of the Kaguya sama: Love is War – Ultra Romantic anime is scheduled to release domestically in Japan on Saturday, June 4th, but will arrive for streaming internationally via Crunchyroll on Friday, June 3rd.

Per the official streaming page, Kaguya sama season 3 episode 9 will premiere from the following international times:

Kaguya sama season 3 episode 9 preview and synopsis

The three parts of Kaguya Sama season 3 episode 9 are titled “First Year Students Spring”, “Kaguya-sama’a Cultural Festival” and “Yuu Ishigami’s Cultural Festival” – as confirmed via the Kaguya.love Japanese website.

The official preview has been shared by fans online for the upcoming instalment, with the following synopsis being provided on the series’ website:

“One week after entering Shuchiin Academy as a special student, Shiragane was already regretting that it was not the school he should have come to. The students around him were all elite, born into prominent families. Shiragin, who entered the school from an ordinary family, could not even find anyone to eat with, and spent his lunch break quietly killing time in a place far from the cafeteria. As Shiragane is feeling miserable, an upperclassman wearing a student cap appears before him. On his chest shines a pure gold ornament, the sign of the student council president, and he says that he has come to recruit Shiragin to the student council.” – Kaguya.Love Story 09, translated via DeepL.

Where to read the original manga

As of June 3rd, 264 chapters of the Kaguya sama manga series have been published in Japan across 25 Tankobon volumes, with the 26th set to release on June 17th.

However, only 22 of those volumes have been released in English so far, with the 23rd issue set to launch on August 2nd, 2022.

Fans of the series can purchase physical versions of the manga via Amazon, Book Depository, Waterstones and Bookshop as well as your local comic book shop.

Digital copies can be acquired through Google Play, iBooks, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook service.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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