Season 1 of Netflix’s upcoming Bastard anime adaptation will sadly release in two volumes months apart after part 1 launches in late June.

Anime on Netflix is in a rather strange place and it has been for the better part of two years. On the one hand, the platform has released some fantastic original series over recent months and even returned with the weekly simulcasting of Komi Can’t Communicate season 2 in April.

However, the release format on Netflix continues to give headaches to fans, especially when series are split into multiple drops. Unfortunately, it has now been confirmed that the highly anticipated upcoming Bastard anime adaptation will also suffer in ‘Netflix Jail’ for several months after its premiere later this month.

What is the Bastard anime about?

The upcoming Bastard!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy – anime series is an adaptation of Kazushi Hagiwara’s hit manga and is animated by Liden Films (Tokyo Revengers and Berserk).

The story focuses on Dark Schneider, the most powerful wizard in the world, who was previously imprisoned in the body of a 14-year-old boy called Lushe Ren Ren (also known as Lucian Renren). However, when war breaks out across the continent, the decision is made to release Dark Schneider from his seal and unleash his powers upon the world’s enemies once again.

“Modern civilization and the world was destroyed by the God of Destruction, Anthrasax, in 7 days, and then is sealed. Hundreds of years later, the sorcerer Dark Schneider leads a group in an attempt to control the world. Dark Schneider, in the end, is sealed in the body of a young baby, Rushe Ren Ren. 15 years later, his group, minus Scheider, attempts the same mission by unsealing Anthrasax so they can redo the world. To save the Kingdom of Metallicana, a girl named Yoko releases Dark Schneider from her friend Rushe. Now, Dark Schneider fights his former comrades, but not for good; he fights to protect Yoko, and to have some destructive fun.” – Synopsis, via Anime News Network.

Directing the new Bastard anime adaptation will be Takaharu Ozaki (Goblin Slayer), with scripts being written by Yosuke Kuroda (My Hero Academia), character designs by Sayaka Ono (Gintama: The Movie) and music composition by Yasuharu Takanashi (Fairy Tail).

The Bastard anime will sadly sit in Netflix jail upon release

The upcoming Bastard anime adaptation will premiere around the world via the Netflix streaming platform on Thursday, June 30th.

However, only 13 episodes from Bastard season 1 will be released on June 30th, with the anime set to sit in ‘Netflix Jail’ for several months until part 2 (episodes 14-24) release later in 2022.

A release date for Bastard season 1 part 2 has not yet been confirmed, but the decision to release the anime over two volumes with multiple months in between is not a popular format with fans.

As most anime fans are aware, the hype and excitement for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure part six “Stone Ocean” was essentially extinguished only a few days after part one was released in 2021 because of this format.

In a recent video discussing Stranger Things season 4, popular YouTuber Moist Critical/Penguinz0 explained how this release model killed off the fan demand for the series.

“Another great example, JoJo’s Part Six dumped 12 episodes all at once eight months ago and they still haven’t released part 2. They have fundamentally killed JoJo’s part six hype, it’s embarrassing. The Binge-model is f***ing cringe and it makes me sad and it makes me upset, I just want to go back to weekly releases or do what Arcane did; three episodes of a week, you get the best of both worlds.” – Penguinz0, via YouTube.

Fingers crossed that Bastard, which is a fan favourite story anyways, can survive in Netflix Jail long enough to maintain relevance into a second part.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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