King The Land fans can rejoice as they will have a chance to continue Sa-rang and Gu Won’s journey in a webtoon format.

Junho and Lim Yoon-a, who play the characters of Gu Won and Sa-rang on Netflix‘s hit show King The Land, won the hearts of many with their chemistry and fans were brokenhearted when they found out that the series would come to an end after airing its 16th episode. However, things have changed now. Fans can enjoy a webtoon based on the series and it is sure to make you fall in love, just like the K-drama did.

What is King The Land webtoon about?

Unlike the series, the webtoon will focus on Sa-rang and Gu Won’s childhood. As the story continues, fans will have a chance to read about everything that happened during and after the plot of the drama.

The announcement for the webtoon was made right before the drama was teased. Kakao Entertainment, a publishing agency thought that the story of Sa-rang and Gu-Won needed to be continued as there was potential to explore their lives more. JTBC, the original network where the show aired, agreed and decided to partner up for the project.

The images from the webtoon are sure to please any anime or manga fans.

Where can you read the webtoon?

The webtoon, which is written by Jessica Spoon, can be read on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon services.

New chapters for the webtoon are released every Saturday. Before the release of the drama, Kakao Entertainment had published seven chapters.

These looked into the struggles of Won and Sa-rang’s life as they grew up.

Will there be King The Land season 2?

King The Land season 1 managed to gain a lot of fans as the show unfolded the story of Gu-Won and Sa-rang in its 16 episodes.

However, it seems highly unlikely that a second season for the show will air as the last episode managed to wrap up the story of these two lovebirds.

While a K-drama seems uncertain, one can always dream about the webtoon taking the shape of an anime series in the future.

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