Studio MAPPA is now in the process of choosing the last soundtrack for Attack on Titan’s season 4 part 4 finale, set to release in Fall 2023.

There are some serious expectations to meet considering the anime series’ iconic legacy with opening and ending theme songs, but Attack on Titan is now in the process of deciding its final soundtrack design.

Eren as the Founding Titan emerges from the smoke
Attack on Titan/MAPPA/Anime Pony Canyon YouTube channel

Attack on Titan season 4 production update: Soundtrack decision

On August 18, the sound director for Attack on Titan’s final anime season Masafumi Mima shared on his personal Twitter page that all of the post-recording work has been completed and that he would soon be starting on the music design.

Post-recording sound mixing and soundtrack design is a key part of the production process and its completion marks a major milestone for Studio MAPPA, the team producing Attack on Titan’s final part.

Mima previously shared that around 40% of the post-recording work had been finished by mid-June, indicating that the entire process took around 11 weeks to complete. The voice actor for Eren Yuki Kaji revealed in early-June that he had received the final script.

Attack on Titan is scheduled to return this Fall for its series finale and whilst a specific release date remains TBA, the steady stream of information regarding the checklist that MAPPA is ticking off provides hope of a pre-November premiere.

Every Attack on Titan opening and ending theme song explored

The new opening and ending theme songs and their respective artists for Attack on Titan season 4 part 4 have not yet been revealed, but there are some serious expectations to meet, for whomever gets the call to sing-out Eren’s adventure.

When considering the overall series, it’s hard to argue that any anime has a soundtrack that can match the consistent quality of Attack on Titan, which has featured some of the best opening and ending theme songs in history:

Which was your favorite opening and ending theme song from the Attack on Titan anime?

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