A new Moon Knight x Tokyo Ghoul illustration is thrilling fans around the world, with author Sui Ishida making fascinatingly links between the two series.

Marvel’s Moon Knight series starring Oscar Isaac is arguably the biggest (and best) television show airing new episodes in the entire world.

Anime’s Tokyo Ghoul remains an icon of the horror franchise, with more than 47 million copies of Sui Ishida’s original manga being sold worldwide…A match made in heaven.

Today, a brand new illustration from Tokyo Ghoul’s creator is going viral around the world, showing Moon Knight alongside Kaneki.

Moon Knight x Tokyo Ghoul crossover illustration

Today, April 14th, a brand new crossover illustration between the Tokyo Ghoul and Moon Knight franchises has been shared by the Disney Plus Japan and Marvel Studios Japan social media pages…and it’s blowing fans of both series away.

The illustration by manga creator Sui Ishida, shows the two main characters, Spector and Keneki, side-by-side in the art style of Tokyo Ghoul as “Two people wearing white madness.”

Describing the image in a news article, “wearing white madness”, “dark” with pure white hair and bright red”, Keneka is alongside “Moon Knight, who is dressed in a pure white suit and has a dark black background.”

“I drew a collaboration illustration of Marvel Studios’ latest drama “Moon Knight” and “Tokyo Ghoul” currently being distributed on Disney +! Steve is a Marvel work and is a favorite hero. I’m really looking forward to the continuation … If you like dark heroes, come on!” – Sui Ishida, via Twitter.

Interestingly, the post would then describe both Tokyo Ghoul and Moon Knight series with speech marks around certain phrases and terms that could apply to both Kaneki and Spector. These included both characters experiencing “crazy and cruel” lives, dealing with “another self” in their head, needing to be themselves “brutal and cruel” whilst using “a certain power”.

Author of the Tokyo Ghoul manga Sui Ishida said that “Moon Knight has a very dark world view, beautiful images, and the keywords “sleep disorder” and “madness.” Ishida then revealed that he had high expectations after being “attracted to what kind of hero Steven played by Oscar Isaac who appeared in Star Wars will be”, adding “I’m really looking forward to it.”

“I thought maybe I would like it the most among Marvel heroes … Speedy action, a muddy violence scene to call it a hero. I fully felt the dark charm of the work. I also like the comical character with the sadness of the main character Steven. I am looking forward to seeing the continuation!” – Sui Ishida, via Disney Plus Japan.

Ending by discussing the fantastic new collaboration illustration, Ishida explained how “I drew it side by side with Kaneki of Tokyo eclipse. I have accumulated knowledge of the field of interest and have my own view of the world, but I can not get upset. Feeling, it may be similar to Steven and Kaneki.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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