My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 24 will release in a couple of hours, and here’s everything you may want to learn about its release schedule.

The recent episodes show Deku pushing his powers and abilities beyond his limits. That’s why his appearance also gets changed. Even though all his classmate wants to help him as they genuinely care for him, he keeps pushing them away. However, the upcoming episode will show us what real friendship is, so everyone should prepare themselves for an emotional yet beautiful penultimate episode of My Hero Academia Season 6.

What release date and time will be followed by My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 24?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 24 will get released on NTV and YTV for Japanese viewers on Saturday, March 18, 2023, at 6:30 PM. Crunchyroll will simulcast the English-subbed episode for International fans one hour after its Japanese release. The release timings for every time zone may vary due to the time differences. Here’s the time schedule that will help you out:

What happened last time in MHA Season 6?

In the previous episode, we see Deku realize that his friends would not return without him, so he used the smokescreen to trick them. However, his friends were determined to take him back to school as he was unsafe. Deku’s friends also tell him how they can leave him alone when he is the one who always stands with them in their difficult times. Besides this, they also remind him of the time when he said that a hero should always help others even if he is not asked for help. But Deku keeps asking them to leave as he wants them to avoid becoming All For One’s target.

Everyone continues to convince him, but he does not listen to them and keeps finding ways to escape. When he tries, Lida catches up with him and talks to him. As Deku gets exhausted, he cannot push Lida away, so he lands on the ground. Bakugo apologizes to Deku for whatever he has done wrong to him in the past. Deku also apologizes to everyone for disrespecting their love for him, and he passes out after that. After gaining consciousness, he finds himself in the school. After some time, an angry crowd of civilians arrives and asks him to leave because Shigaraki is coming after him, and no one wants to risk their lives. Deku agrees to go, but Uraraka stops him.

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