The international streaming release date and time for My Master Has No Tail episode 2 has been confirmed by HiDive.

The new 2022 Fall anime broadcasting slate features demons, magic, high school romance and so much more; whatever genre you are into, there’s a series for you.

However, after the success of Dance Dance Danseur earlier this year, there is one anime under the ‘performing arts’ theme and that is My Master Has No Tail.

After a somewhat underwhelming opening last week, we breakdown what date and time My Master Has No Tail episode 2 will release for streaming via Hidive as well as the official preview synopsis.

My Master Has No Tail episode 2: Release date and time

My Master Has No Tail episode 2 is scheduled to premiere via the HiDive streaming platform on Friday, October 7th.

The new episode, titled “Just Go Ahead and Try to Steal My Technique” will release at the following international times:

“Mameda decides to become an apprentice to Bun Kitsune. She immediately applies to become his apprentice, but is turned down. Unable to give up, Mameda goes to Fumitsune’s house and finds a forgotten fan. He goes to deliver it to her, thinking that if he delivers her important work tool, she will be his apprentice, but he is interrupted by ……. Will Mameda be able to become an apprentice?” – My Master Has No Tail episode 2 Story, via official website.

How many episodes are in season 1?

As confirmed by HiDive’s official simulcast broadcast schedule, My Master Has No Tail season 1 will include a total of 13 individual episodes:

This schedule is under the assumption that there will be no last-minute delays or alteration to the domestic broadcast in Japan, which will impact the international release for streaming.

Anime gets off to a rather slow start

The My Master Has No Tail has gotten off to a somewhat slow start, with some rather underwhelming scores on various user-based feedback websites.

These include a 5.3/10 rating on IMDB, 3.3/5 on Anime Planet, 60% on Anilist and 6.43/10 on MyAnimeList.

With LidenFilms at the helm, the global community is expecting the series to perform better than these scores suggest.

The good news is that with a total of 13 episodes in season 1, there is plenty of time for the My Master Has No Tail anime to pick up the pace.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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