Star Wars has had a long-running relationship with Lego since the brands first united in 1999 and now, with the impending release of the Ahsoka series, a host of new sets have been unveiled.

Four new sets were announced at San Diego Comic-Con, three of which are specific to Ahsoka while the fourth features an iconic Star Wars character brought to life in Lego brick form.

Box art for the T-6 Shuttle Lego set from Star Wars: Ahsoka
© Lego | Lucasfilm

Ahsoka Tano’s T-6 Jedi Shuttle

Price: £64.99 / €74.99 / $79.99

Pieces: 599

Released: September 1, 2023 – available for pre-order now.

The first of the new Lego sets announced ahead of the Ahsoka series is the T-6 Jedi Shuttle, seen in action in the first two teaser trailers released for the show.

In terms of mini-figures, the ship comes with titular Force-wielder Ahsoka Tano, Sabine Wren, Droid Professor Huyang and the mysterious Inquisitor named Marrok.

The set features several interactive elements including an opening cockpit, retractable landing gear, stud shooters and a rotating wing assembly.

New Republic E-Wing vs. Shin Hati’s Starfighter

Price: £94.99 / €104.99 / $109.99

Pieces: 1,056

Released: September 1, 2023 – available for pre-order now.

Fans will be able to recreate a thrilling space chase sequence from Ahsoka with the New Republic E-Wing and Shin Hati’s Starfighter.

The set comes with five minifigs of its own, including the Dark Jedi duo of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati as well as Morgan Elsbeth (introduced in The Mandalorian season 2), New Republic Captain Porter and an astromech droid.

Box art for the E-Wing and Shin Hait fighter Lego set from Star Wars: Ahsoka
© Lego | Lucasfilm

Brick-Built Chewbacca

Price: £179.99 / €209.99 / $199.99

Pieces: 2,319

Released: September 1, 2023 – available for pre-order now.

For Lego fans looking for something a little different, there is the furry new arrival of the Brick-Built Chewbacca set, released to mark the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi.

Comprising of over 2,300 pieces and standing a proud 18 inches (46cm) tall, the display piece captures the Wookiee’s distinctive features including his iconic bowcaster, bandolier and signature snarl.

Ghost & Phantom II building set

Price: £149.99 / $159.99 / €169.99

Pieces: 1,394

Released: September 1, 2023 – available for pre-order now.

The final set announced as part of the new Ahsoka-themed range is the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels and the detachable Phantom II shuttle.

Unlike the other new arrivals comprising this list, Lego revealed very little about the set in its official press release and has not made any images officially available so far.

However, the new Ghost set has been listed for pre-order on the Lego storefront, where fans can find images and details about the build.

Once again, this set features five unique minifigs including Hera Syndulla, Lt Beyta, First Officer Hawkins, Jacen Syndulla and the cantankerous droid, Chopper (C1-10P).

Key art for the Chewbacca Lego set
© Lego | Lucasfilm

Ahsoka arrives on Disney+ with a two-episode premiere on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

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