A new Fire Force video game called Flame Dance has just been revealed alongside news that season 3 of the TV anime is going into production.

Video games based on anime or manga franchises can often go one of two ways; a poor attempt at a cash grab or a genuinely interesting adaptation of an established story that fans can enjoy through a new medium.

Various anime franchises have announced new video game adaptations over the past year, including Black Clover, One Piece, The Promised Neverland and Demon Slayer.

This week, fans of the Fire Force franchise are celebrating not only the release of a new manga volume and confirmation of season 3 of the anime adaptation, but also a brand new video game going into development.

New Fire Force video game announced

On May 16th, a brand new Fire Force video game for mobile devices was revealed by the series’ Japanese Twitter page and website.

The new game is reportedly titled “Fire Force Flame Dance” and according to the recently launched website, is set to be an RPG-style title.

Fire Force’s new mobile game will be available on iOS and Android devices, but sadly neither a domestic nor international release date was confirmed as part of the recent announcement.

Thankfully, the Japanese website did confirm that Flame Dance would be an item-based playing fee, which is “free to play basically” for gamers.

Alongside the reveal, the theme song for the upcoming Fire Force mobile video game was confirmed to be called “Endless” and is performed by Mrs. GREEN APPLE, who also performed the “Inferno” opening from the anime adaptation.

“The theme song used for the game PV to be released at a later date is the new song “Endless” written by Mrs. GREEN APPLE. This song will be implemented in the game, so please look forward to future developments.” – fireforce-anime.

Season 3 confirmed to be in production

Whilst fans of the Fire Force franchise will understandably be delighted at the news of an upcoming video game, the majority of the community is solely fixed on the returning anime adaptation.

Alongside the reveal, it was officially confirmed that the TV adaptation would return with a third season, which is now in production at David Productions (the studio behind the series).

An international release date was sadly not confirmed, but based on the previous production schedule of previous Fire Force broadcasts, fans can expect the anime to return in January 2023 on the Winter broadcasting slate.

You can find more information on season 3 of the anime series here.

When will the next manga chapters release in English?

As of May 2022, 34 volumes of the Fire Force manga series have been released in Japan, with the latest instalment dropping yesterday, May 17th.

However, the English release is lagging slightly behind the domestic launch, with only 26 Tankobon volumes currently available to English readers internationally.

Physical versions of the Fire Force manga can be purchased via Penguin Random House as well as AmazonBarnes & NobleBooks a MillionBookshopHudson BooksellersIndieBoundPowell’sTarget and Walmart.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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