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One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers reveals York's True Intention

One Piece Chapter 1078 spoilers are released, and here, we take a quick look at what the chapter’s spoilers divulge.

For a long time, every fan wanted to learn about the traitor of Egghead Island. Finally, it was revealed in the first spoilers of Chapter 1078. Vegapunk’s sixth satellite York came out as the traitor. Well, the initial spoilers did not tell why York chose the path of betrayal. However, that’s disclosed in the recent spoilers of the chapter. Apart from that, we also learned about several other events that also made the chapter anticipated.

One Piece Chapter 1078 Spoilers Explained

One Piece Chapter 1078 is titled Escape Time Limit, Judge and Caesar are seen holding hands on the cover page, and the Germa soldiers are seen celebrating.

The chapter begins showing Stussy using Den Den Mushi as she wants to talk to Sentomaru. She informs Sentomaru that Admiral Kizaru will reach Egghead Island soon, and to stop them, Marine Forces are needed as a backup. After that, she states that the World Government is taking all the precautions because they know that Egghead Island’s defense force is stronger than that of Ohara, as Vegapunk’s discoveries are more potent than Ohara’s.

The scene then cuts to Franky’s group. Despite being paralyzed, Franky is seen talking. Pythagoras asks S-Snake about the one who gave the orders, but the latter says nothing. She stomped on Pythagoras, causing a massive explosion.

Later, Robin’s group is seen fighting the seraphim; suddenly, Robin analyzes that something could happen to Vegapunk’s Stella. After learning about the abandoned lab from Atlas, she asks him to take her and Chopper to the lab.

The spoilers then take us to Sanji’s group, where we see Edison in Nami’s arms. On the other side, Brook, in his ghost form, says that he will search for Vegapunk. Sanji stands unharmed in front of S-Shark after getting a punch from him.

Getting back to Luffy’s group, we see his group members are unable to defeat the Seraphims. Suddenly, S-Hawk disappears, so Lucci says that he may have changed his targets, and now he might want to attack the weak opponents. In contrast, Zoro and Kaku go after S-Hawk, and Luffy and Lucci handle S-Bear.

At the last of the manga‘s chapter, York comes in front of Stella with a creepy smile on her face. Stella asks her why she wants to become a traitor. York replies that she believes the world needs only one Vegapunk as more than one Vegapunks can create a nuisance.

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