One Piece Chapter 1081 spoilers have started getting unveiled by the leakers on the internet, so here we have discussed the same in this article.

The leaked spoilers for Chapter 1081 shows a fight between Garp and Kuzan, followed by a flashback. Apart from that, Law and his crew members are defeated by Teach, but before the latter can steal Law’s powers, Bepo arrives in his Sulong form to stop him.

One Piece manga will go on a break next week as the magazine is going on the break itself. That means One Piece fans will have to wait a little longer to read the following chapter, i.e., 1082.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers shows Kuzan vs. Garp

The chapter is titled 10th Ship Captain: Kuzan and its cover image show all the Blackhead Pirates lying on the ground — highlighting the fact that they are not facing a weak opponent this time.

Kuzan freezes Hibari, and Koby runs to help the latter. Kuzan heads toward Garp, to whom he asks that he will be able to kill him as he used to be his former trainee. At that time, he was known by the name, Aokiji. Kuzan then says that as Garp always listened to his heart and did whatever he felt like, he will also follow the same trend, and that’s the reason he will follow Teach.

In the next panel, we see a flashback between Kuzan and Teach, where we see Laffite manipulating Teach to kill Kuzan. Hearing this, Kuzan gets aggravated, and as he prepares to fight Laffite, Teach interrupts and apologizes to Kuzan, asking him to come on his side. After that, Teach inquires Kuzan about the man with a burn mark on his face. He wants to know about the man’s whereabouts because he may be having the remaining Road Poneglyph.

Shiryu says that there are possibilities that the man works for the World Government. Kuzan doesn’t know anything about him. After the flashback finishes, we see Garp and Kuzan begin with their fight, in which the former unleashes the first attack, only to get it dodged by the latter. Garp overwhelms Kuzan with his strength.

The scene cuts to Winner Island, where Teach has defeated Law, and he is sitting beside Law and deciding what he should do with his powers. However, before he can do anything, Bepo arrives and takes Law with him.

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