My Hero Academia Chapter 386 is approaching its official release date, and as usual, the spoilers have surfaced online. So, let’s see what events of the new chapter got unveiled in the spoilers.

The last chapter showed how All For One defeated all the heroes on the Gunga mountain. While all of them tried harder to beat AFO, it seemed they were destined to lose this time. Moreover, the civilians started losing their faith in the heroes. The civilians began saying that we had put our faith in them, but this is what we are getting.

The spoilers suggest that the upcoming chapter will see All Might, Shoto, and Lida trying to manage the chaotic situation. Moreover, we will also get a glimpse of a new city, Idou.

My Hero Academia Chapter 386 reveal Dabi’s horrifying condition

The Command center shows that AFO is passing through Idou, so the blocks have started moving. Tsukauchi looks for someone who can aid the heroes on Gunga mountain and fight AFO, but he learns that neither they have enough police officers nor heroes who can fight. One police officer also informs that Dabi is exhausted and will explode soon. He also continues saying that if this happens, everyone within a 5 km area of Dabi will be affected by the blast.

He said that the civilians are in an underground tunnel near Gunga Mountain, so they are in the blast radius of Dabi. Tsukauchi tries to confirm once again if any hero can fight AFO, but he gets the same answer. The next panel takes us to the Todoraki family, who are in a tunnel that is getting collapsed, so they are asked to go out from the emergency exit.

Another police officer reports that AFO is coming closer at a superhuman speed; this way, he can use his teleportation quirk. Meanwhile, Lida shows concern for Shoto, who says he cannot relax after learning that AFO is closer to Deku’s location. Lida gets upset seeing Shoto’s condition. Shoto and Lida get contacted by All Might over the communicator, and he says that the duo has to head toward Gunga Mountain to provide a backup to the heroes there. All Might then says that even though Endeavor is fighting Dabi, he will not be able to handle the explosion, so he thinks he can rely on Lida and Shoto as they are his last ray of hope.

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