One Piece Chapter 1080 was released following a delay, and now, the upcoming chapter, i.e., 1081, will also get released after a brief hiatus. That means, this weekend, One Piece fans will not get their hands on the new chapter of the manga. Well, that’s not anything new that fans will be going through, as they are habitual of seeing the manga going on frequent breaks.

The previous issue showed the battle between Kid and Shanks that remained unfinished in the 1079th chapter. Besides that, the majority of the events were inclined toward Garp, so now, everyone wants to know whether the upcoming chapter will shift its focus to Egghead Island or if we will still witness the events revolving around Garp.

Well, there are several unconfirmed spoilers for the chapter on the internet, but let’s not distract ourselves with those until Redon or Eternboy starts revealing the spoilers.

When will One Piece Chapter 1081 get released?

One Piece Chapter 1081 will get released on Sunday, April 23, 2023, on Manga Plus and Viz media for International fans. Japanese fans will get the chapter on Monday, April 24, 2023, at 12:00 AM JST. Here’s the list of International timings that must be followed by fans who are eagerly waiting for the chapter:

What happened in One Piece Chapter 1080?

With the help of Perona, Koby manages to flee captivity. However, the former helps the latter only on one condition, i.e., to help her free Gecko Moria. The Blackbeard’s crew does not take long to find out that Koby has escaped, so they intend to recapture him as he has a hefty amount of bounties.

Koby was moving slowly due to ankle shackles, and hence his movements were being closely monitored by a group. Soon, Blackbeard’s crew finds out that Koby is trying to free the other prisoners, including Avalo Pizarro. While releasing the captives, Koby learns that his location has been disclosed, so he puts himself at risk to protect others.

Shiryu tells Pizzaro that as he has united with Hachinosu, he can catch Koby easily, but Pizzaro asks him not to get involved because he has already caused massive damage. Vasco Shot also asks Pizzaro to give him a chance as he has consumed a devil fruit but hearing his entire plan, Pizzaro refuses his request too.

Chapter 1080 also revealed that Blackbeard wanted to be the sole ruler of Hachinosu and make it a nation run by World Government. When Koby calls his plan a waste of time, he ends up capturing him. The chapter also revealed that Koby was just a bargaining chip for Blackbeard.

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