One Punch Man manga’s Psychic Sisters Arc ended in Chapter 182; now, every fan eagerly awaits the upcoming chapter, i.e., 183. That’s because the chapter will set the stage for a new arc, but ahead of the anticipated chapter’s release, fans learned that the manga would go on a hiatus after giving us the first episode of the new arc.

The mangaka of the popular manga, Yusuke Murata, has revealed the hiatus on Twitter. He also revealed that he is taking a break because he needs to refresh before the production of Volume 28. Besides letting us know about the break, he also says that we will get the new update on Chapter 184 on April 20th. Murata’s Tweet can be read below:

Thank you for waiting. For the next Tonajan version of One Punch Man, I will be taking a break from work on the book. The next update is scheduled for April 20th. Thank you.

One Punch Man manga will start with the ‘Introduction to the Neo-Heroes’ Arc in the Next Chapter

Chapter 183 of One Punch Man manga will start the new arc, i.e., Introduction to the Neo-heroes Arc. The chapter may get released in the first week of May before going on a break.

The new arc will introduce us to a new organization that will cause chaos in the lives of the heroes. The heroes will also be seen struggling with their financial crisis, so they will take help from a psychic research organization, Tsukuyomi.

This time, it’s not the demons or monsters the heroes have to fight but the Vigilantes who want to defame the heroes. As the heroes have to fight powerful enemies, their fate is uncertain. You must wait for the complete chapters to know everything about the new arc.

Moreover, as every other manga follows a strict release schedule, One Punch Man gets a new chapter whenever mangaka is ready with it. So, we do not have any other option except to wait for the next update.

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