Do you love Fancy shows like Squid Game and Alice in Borderland? If yes, you must have heard of the reality competition show, Physical 100. The reality show pits 100 participants against each other for a rewarding sum of 300 million. So far, we’ve got eight episodes of the TV show, and now, everyone is eagerly waiting for Episode 9, which is only a few days away from its official release.

In the first eight episodes, 100 solid and jacked participants competed to prove their agility, strength, and mental resilience. Each moment in the show is definitely a delight for fans who love watching shows like Squid Game, the Korean show that burst K-Dramas into popularity and, in fact, broke the stereotype that K-Dramas are nothing but usual romantic stories that serve only one section of demographics. Well, Physical 100 plays around with a similar premise but tweaks the format of Squid Game to fit in the reality aspect.

When Does Episode 9 of Physical 100 Come Out?

Episode 9 of Physical 100 will be released worldwide on February 21, 2023. The episode will arrive on Netflix at 12 AM PT (Pacific Timing), but the release time will vary depending on your region. Anyway, here’s the exact release schedule you need to follow for different time zones:

How Many Episodes Are Remaining in the TV series?

The show’s creators already confirmed that the first season of Physical 100 would feature nine episodes. 100 contestants battled against each other to be the last ones standing, and in the previous episodes, we saw several people thrown out of the competition after losing. Only one can take the crown in Physical 100, and the ninth episode will finally show who is worthy of being crowned as the ultimate champion.

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