The popular South Korean drama series Revenge of Others is soon approaching its last weekly release on Disney Plus. Here, we have talked about the release date and time for episodes 11 & 12 of the crime thriller series.

The story of Revenge of Others revolves around Ok Chan-Mi and Ji Soo-Heon. The former searches for the real reason for her twin brother’s death, which came out as suicide. While Ji-Soo-Heon has only six months to live as he suffers from a brain tumor, he helps bullied students take revenge on their bullies.

When does episodes 11 & 12 of Revenge of Others release on Disney Plus?

The last two episodes of Revenge of Others, i.e., 11th and 12th, will release on Disney Plus on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 5:00 PM KST. Fans based outside of Korea can study the below time schedule that will be helpful to learn about the timings of the episode as per different regions:

What happened in the previous episode of the Disney Plus original series?

Soo-Heon, along with his friends, executes his mother’s last rites. After that, Chan-Mi tells everyone that she thinks Oh-Seong may have committed the murder. However, the lack of evidence didn’t let her prove anything against Oh-Seong.

Oh-Seong does not want Jae-Beom to be in contact with Chan-Mi and her friends, so he asks him not to meet her. Later, he also tells Jae-Beom that Park Won-Seok tried to make him fall off the tall building.

Every friend of Soo-Heon learns about his brain tumor, as Chan-Mi gets worried after seeing Soo-Heon getting unconscious, so she can’t control herself and spill the beans in front of everyone. Chan-Mi leaves Seoul after bidding goodbye to everyone.

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