When will RPG Real Estate episode 12 release on Crunchyroll and why could season 2 potentially be years away from launching?

The 2022 Spring anime slate has been notably dominated by wholesome series, including the likes of Spy x Family, Kaguya-sama, Healer Girl and RPG Real Estate.

The latter series, RPG Real Estate (?ru P? J? Fud?san) has been one of the standout titles of our Wednesday simulcast schedule and is set to reach its final episode in just a few short hours.

Whilst season 2 remains TBA, fans are preparing themselves for what could be a very long wait before the RPG Real Estate reopens for business.

RPG Real Estate episode 12: Release date, time and preview

RPG Real Estate season 1 episode 12 is scheduled to premiere around the world on Wednesday, June 22nd.

The season finale “Thanks, Everyone! RPG Real Estate’s New Journey Begins!” will release via Crunchyroll at the following international times:

“Kotone is involved in a fight with a dragon and collapses. Her recovery magic doesn’t work, and although she asks Satona for help. She shakes her head. Rufuria bursts into tears and pleads, “Don’t go, Kotone!” but…Kotone’s soul ascends into the sky and …….Farr, who has returned to normal, weeps again at the sight of his best friend’s changed appearance. What will happen to the RPG estate?” – Episode 12 Story, via rpg-rs website.

RPG Real Estate season 2: Renewal status

As previously noted, RPG Real Estate has not yet been publicly renewed for season 2 and unfortunately, fans should prepare themselves for potentially a significant wait on the second adventure.

This is because whilst Chiyo Kenmotsu’s original manga series is still ongoing, only four complete Tankobon volumes have been published in Japan. If the anime adaptation is to continue into a second season, then it will likely have to wait until more original source material can be produced in Japan.

Then we have the view that Studio Doga Kobo, the team behind the TV adaptation, are neither known for producing sequels nor do they have an open schedule to produce RPF Real Estate season 2. At the time of writing, the studio has four anime projects in the works: Mobius Dust, Oshi no Ko, Technoroid Overmind and Saint Cecilia and Pastor Lawrence.

Considering that release dates for these series remain TBA, even if RPG Real Estate season 2 is the plan, production will have to wait until these four shows are developed.

Unfortunately, RPG Real Estate also has an issue with popularity; notably the lack of global interest in the series. The show is currently scoring a 6.33/10 on MyAnimeList with only 4,800 reviews and 29,000 members, the series was also only able to peak at rank 28 on AniTrendz.

The problem here is that RPG Real Estate doesn’t compare positively against other series from Doga Kobo – with the likes of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun, Himouto Umaru-chan, My Senpai is Annoying and Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie being significantly more popular.

All in all, we predict that even if RPG Real Estate is renewed for season 2, it could slip down the priority list for Studio Doga Kobo as we wait for more source material to be published domestically.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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