A new movie is making waves in the horror genre this year and we’re on hand to explain the “in memory of” tribute featured in the movie for Josh Bookhalter and reveal where to watch Skinamarink.

The horror is categorized under the analog horror genre – an abstract subgenre that has grown popular within the movie community in recent years – and the title is taken from a popular children’s nursery rhyme.

Written and directed by Kyle Edward Ball – who celebrates his directorial debut with this feature – Canadian horror, Skinamarink, follows two kids who must navigate through a dark and disappearing house while searching for their missing father and stars Lucas Paul, Dali Rose Tetreault, Ross Paul, and Jaime Hill.

Skinamarink “in memory of” tribute to Josh Bookhalter explained

Josh Bookhalter was the assistant director of Skinamarink and Kyle Edward Ball’s right-hand man, who unexpectedly passed away during post-production.

Skinamarink’s tribute to Bookhalter reads:

“In Memory of Joshua Bookhalter 1991 – 2021. The makers of this picture would like to express their sincerest gratitude to the friends and family of Joshua Bookhalter. Without their kindness and understanding, this picture would not have been completed.”

During an interview with Movie Maker, Ball explained that while grieving the loss of his friend, he was also met with the unexpected issue of having the movie’s audio stored on Bookhalter’s computer:

“My assistant director Josh Bookhalter passed away. May he rest in peace. I miss you so much, Josh. He passed away shortly after we wrapped filming but the movie’s audio was still on his computer, so that was a difficult thing to handle. Because number one, I’m mourning the loss of my friend. Number two, I didn’t just want to lose that audio. I could have easily redone the audio, but I really wanted to keep it explicitly because Josh also did sounds for Skinamarink. After he died, I had to provide enough time in between him passing away, and his family having time to process it. But in the same vein, not long enough that it’s like, “Well, are they just going to delete everything on his computer?” So I waited a bit. I was able to get a hold of his family and they were more than understanding and accommodating in the circumstances of everything.”

A blue lit room with a TV in the style of Antrum in in Skinamarink co-directed by Josh Bookhalter

Where to watch Skinamarink

The only place to watch Skinamarink is on the horror streaming service, Shudder, which became available on the platform from February 2, 2023.

The horror was previously released in theatres in the United States and Canada back in January 2023.

Due to its low-budget release by IFC Midnight, Shudder is currently the only place where you can watch the feature, but the platform offers a seven-day free trial ahead of its $6 per month or $57 per year subscriptions.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

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