Season 26 of the popular animation premiered on Wednesday and fans need a few questions answered. What does “PC” mean in South Park? This is one term we’ll be clearing up alongside revealing the meaning behind “PC” in PC Principal.

The first season of the popular animation premiered back in August 1997 and the series has since accumulated a stacked 319 episodes and 25 seasons.

Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone and developed by Brian Graden for Comedy Central, South Park is an adult animated sitcom following four friends Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny, around their titular hometown in Colorado.

What does “PC” mean in South Park season 26?

The term “PC” stands for politically correct and it is usually said to describe someone or something, for example, you’re so PC or that is so PC.

Referring to someone as PC or politically correct means that they will go out of their way to make sure nothing they say or do offend anybody, particularly people who belong to a certain social group considered to have disadvantages in today’s climate.

After season 26’s debut on Comedy Central, South Park fans arrived on Twitter to discuss the show’s approach to sensitive material.

Many agreed that South Park has never tried to be PC or socially acceptable, but the introduction of PC Principal in season 19 was the show’s attempt to parody the controversy by introducing an authoritative figure that promotes PC agendas.

What does “PC” mean in PC Principal?

Even though PC Principal stands for politically correct policies, and his initials are a play on this abbreviation, the “PC” in PC Principal does not call for meaning but instead stands for Peter Charles – his first name and surname.

Existing as the current principal at South Park Elementary, PC Principal is a strong advocate for PC behavior in the school and often resorts to punishment and violence to make sure this is achieved.

In an interview with IGN, creators Parker and Stone revealed that they were originally going to kill off PC Principal after one episode, but decided to keep him around:

“…and especially having this idea of the new character PC Principal, who we thought we were going to kill off in the first show… I remember, I went and told Trey, that’s a f*****g funny character. We shouldn’t [kill him]. In other words, when we find a funny character, it’s like let’s tease that out.”

Where to watch South Park season 26

You will be able to stream new episodes via the South Park website, Comedy Central online, and the Comedy Central app.

HBO Max’s South Park catalog is quite extensive at the moment, however, there is no word on when new episodes will come to the streaming platform.

Fans in the UK will, unfortunately, have to wait for new episodes to filter through on Comedy Central, as no release date has been given yet.

South Park’s two-part movie, The Streaming Wars, from season 25 is also available to stream on Paramount+.

Clyde and Scott talking to Kyle in front of the school lockers in South Park season 26 episode 1, also starring PC Principal
South Park – Cr. South Park Studios, YouTube.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

South Park season 26 episode 1 is now streaming on Comedy Central.

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