Spy X Family has managed to create quite a buzz among fans, but little do people know a character from the story is inspired by author Tatsuya Endo’s other manga, Rengoku no Ashe.

Fans fell in love with the Spy X family‘s characters when the anime first made its debut in 2022. The story follows the life of Loid Forger, a secret agent, Yor Forger, an assassin, and Anya Forger, a psychic. Their dysfunctional yet perfect family won the hearts of all the fans. However, not many know that these characters have been inspired by another manga by the same author.

Spy X Family character is inspired by another manga

Endo developed the one-shot manga Rengoku no Ashe and introduced the character Ashe Talton. Fans would notice that Ashe and Anya share a lot of similar features.

Both of them have pink hair, cone-like hair accessories, and similar clothing. Endo loved the character design of Rengoku no Ashe’s character and decided to incorporate the same in Spy X Family. This is not uncommon in the manga universe as Hiro Mashima has done the same in his mangas like Fairy Tail, Rave Master, and Edens Zero.

Another idea that Endo took from Ashe is her pointed earrings. These are worn by Yor when she is dressed in her assassin attire.

What is Rengoku no Ashe about?

Rengoku no Ashe follows the life of Ashe, who is a nurse-in-training. Ashe lives in Brokken Brook, a town where the church makes the rules and witch-hunting is common.

Things start to change when Bell Teinburen, a doctor, comes to the town and encounters Ashe while she is being assaulted. He manages to save her but gets wounded in the process.

Ashe saves him by dressing his wounds. Soon, Bell starts showing a keen interest in Ashe as her actions are opposite of her expressions. While he thinks about meeting her again, their lives go through a rollercoaster ride when Ashe becomes the latest victim of the witch-hunt trial.

Where to watch Spy X Family

Fans can watch all 25 episodes of the show on Crunchyroll

The show is also available on Netflix for viewers from Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand.

The first season has been divided into two parts. Recently, a second season and a movie for the anime were confirmed.

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