The main trailer for the upcoming Ahsoka series made waves as it hinted that Sabine Wren underwent Jedi training even though she’s not Force-sensitive but a pre-existing Star Wars short story has already explained how this could be the case.

First introduced in Star Wars Rebels, Sabine Wren is a Mandalorian who became a member of the Ghost crew after she was cast out of her clan for building an Imperial weapon that targeted wearers of Beskar armor. As well as her fighting skill, Sabine is well known for her artistic expression, and her design of a flaming Starbird would go on to form the basis of the Rebel Alliance’s iconic symbol.

Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) standing in front of the Ghost crew mural in Ahsoka
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Ahsoka marketing hints at Sabine Wren being a Jedi

The latest trailers and newly released posters for the Ahsoka series feature several hints that Sabine Wren has undergone Jedi training which has certainly raised a few eyebrows as she has never shown any signs of being Force-sensitive.

In a tense reunion between Sabine and Ahsoka, we learn that the former Jedi once attempted to train the young Mandalorian and even served as her master, which Sabine reveals in a tone of utter disdain following an apparent falling out between the pair.

The trailer also shows Sabine watching holo-messages from her missing friend and Jedi Ezra Bridger, who seems to be giving advice on the ways of the Jedi.

And finally, later on in the main trailer, and also shown in the Now or Never TV spot, Sabine can also be seen wielding a green lighter, potentially Ezra’s, while fighting against the Dark Jedi Shin Hati.

Shin Hati (Ivanna Sakhno) and Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) clash lightsabers in Ahsoka
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Star Wars short story explains how Sabine could be a Jedi

While the trailers hint that Sabine has undergone some form of Jedi training, a line from Shin Hati, claiming that Sabine has “no power,” also suggests that she doesn’t have any Force abilities herself.

But how can Sabine have received Jedi training if she doesn’t have the Force? Well, a Star Wars short story released in 2022 has already explained that.

Written by author Michael Kogge, the short story is What a Jedi Makes, which takes place during the High Republic era and sees Master Yoda inducting a young boy into the Jedi Order despite the fact the youngling is not Force-sensitive.

After struggling with the Jedi training, the boy protests, to which Yoda responds, “Then never a Jedi you will be, if that is what you believe.”

“Study you should, the Farseeker Lyr,” he continued, referencing Lyr Farseeker, the author of one of the sacred Jedi texts we see in The Last Jedi. “No great power had he, yet from his ink sprang some of the Jedi’s greatest texts. For though the Jedi and the Force are one, the Force is not what makes a Jedi.”

Taking all of this into account, it’s entirely possible that Ahsoka was training Sabine in the ways of the Jedi without the Mandalorian being able to call upon the Force.

We already saw Sabine learning to master lightsaber combat in Star Wars Rebels after she took possession of the Darksaber, so who’s to say that Ahsoka wasn’t filling her in on other areas of the Jedi code to help in their efforts to find the missing Ezra?

Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) wielding a green lightsaber in Star Wars Ahsoka
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Quick guide to Ahsoka

Ahsoka will be arriving on Disney+ with a two-episode premiere on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

The eight-episode series will then air weekly until the finale which is slated to release on October 4.

Set after the fall of the Empire and serving as a continuation of Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka will follow the former Jedi Knight as she investigates an emerging threat to a vulnerable galaxy.

From her brief appearance in The Mandalorian, we know that she is hunting down Grand Admiral Thrawn, a fearsome foe who she brands in the Ahsoka trailer as “Heir to the Empire.”

Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) in the meeting room of a ship in Ahsoka
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Ahsoka is scheduled to arrive on Disney+ with its first two episodes on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

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