Chainsaw Man episode 8 introduces viewers to the terrifying Katana Man and the Snake Devil duo, but who are these new characters?

Chainsaw Man is known for its unusual and scary characters; the series is called Chainsaw Man in all fairness.

However, the MAPPA-led anime adaptation has now introduced fans to arguably two of the most unnerving characters in the series so far; Katana Man and the Snake Devil.

So, who are these two new characters, Katana Man and the woman controlling the Snake Devil in Chainsaw Man episode 8?

What happened in Chainsaw Man ep 8?

The attempted extermination of the Public Safety Divisions’ Devil Hunters continues when a mysterious man starts talking to Denji and Power whilst eating food in a fourth-floor café. He argues that eating fancy food as a child ruins your appetite as an adult, but he begins to tell Denji more and more unusual things.

The man then says that his grandfather was part of the Yakuza and only ever killed a handful of women or children…He then proceeds to pull out a picture of Denji’s former boss from episode 1.

The man then claims that the Gun Devil is looking for Denji’s heart and draws a pistol, shooting Denji in the head and Himeno in the chest. Aki is able to use Kon to swallow the man, but he transforms into a creature with swords coming from its body; slicing his way out of the Fox Devil.

Aki uses the Curse Devil to land three consecutive attacks, but is unable to finish off the man as another new character, a young woman, enters the scene – the man, still bleeding out, gets back to his feet.

Himeno then signals to her Ghost Devil that she is willing to give everything that she has left so that the Ghost can be powerful enough to defeat these two attackers and save Aki.

As the Ghost Devil shows its true form, parts of Himeno’s body begin to disappear…In an instant, a giant snake appears and consumes the Ghost Devil whole; disappearing with just a single word from the young woman…

Katana Man: Powers, identity, and backstory explained

The sword-imbued attacker from the café remains unnamed throughout the original Chainsaw Man manga series, known only as Katana Man.

He is a tall man with short black hair and sideburns, dressing in a large leather coat. However, upon transforming into his hybrid form, Katana swords emerge from both arms and his head in a similar structure to how Denji’s chainsaws emerge when he pulls Pochita’s chord.

What we do know is that Katana Man’s grandfather was the Yakuza boss whom Denji was previously ‘employed’ with in episode 1 – he holds a grudge against Denji for killing him after forming a contract with the Zombie Devil.

Katana Man is voiced by Daiki Hamano in the original Japanese anime version.

Snake Devil: Powers, identity, and backstory explained

The enormous Snake Devil has a contract with the young, blonde-haired girl from episode 8 called Akane Sawatari.

Aken Sawatari is a petite woman who has slit-like pupils similar to those of a snake, wearing black shorts, orange trainers, and an oversized red hoodie.

She has a calm demeanor throughout the fight with Aki and Himeno in episode 8, but can quickly become flustered when her powers are questioned; especially those of the Snake Devil.

She also keeps her hands in her pockets so that she can hide her bloodied fingernails, assumed to be a consequence of her contract with the Snake Devil.

Akane Sawatari is voiced by Yo Taichi in the original Japanese anime version.

The Snake Devil, on the other hand, is an enormous being with almost-instantaneous movement speed once it is summoned by Sawatari. Its jaws are made from human arms and hands, with green scales and blood-red eyes.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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