The Last of Us Ellie cosplays are hitting the internet again as we make the runup to the HBO series so here’s the amazing likeassassin showcasing why they are the top pick when it comes to TLOU cosplay.

We are officially only days away from HBO’s The Last of Us and fans – including myself – are beside themselves with excitement. Bella Ramsey, aka Game of Thrones’ Lyanna Mormont, will be stepping into the sneakers of Ellie as she takes on one of gaming’s most iconic and complex characters.

As we wait with bated breath for the series’ adventure to begin, let’s check out one of TLOU’s best Ellie cosplayers, likeassassin.

Who is likeassassin?

Likeassassin, aka Christina Volkova, is from Moscow, Russia, and loves to spend their time crafting their very own gaming and anime cosplays as well as being a makeup artist. Known and highly regarded across the cosplay community, Christina wears many faces when cosplaying and some of them include Van Helsing’s Anna Valerious, Makima from Chainsaw Man, Wednesday Addams from the hit Netflix show, Jinx from Arcane, and many many more.

One of Christina’s most popular cosplay is none other than Ellie from The Last of Us and it doesn’t take long to understand why when you check out the image.

Likeassassin’s The Last of Us Ellie Cosplay

Taking to their Instagram, Christina shared their very own self-made Ellie cosplay and honestly, it looks like someone just took a screenshot from The Last of Us. Donning Ellie’s red palm tree t-shirt coupled with her backpack that’s littered with badges, Christina brings the brave survivor to life in such a remarkable way.

We even see in one image that Christina has a bite mark on her forearm just like Ellie. The attention to detail is second to none, from the hairstyle right down to the cuts and grazes across her face.

You can check Christina out not only on Instagram but also on Twitter and Fansly to stay up to date with what they are doing next.

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