The plot of The Menu is purposefully shrouded in mystery but what’s even more intriguing is what’s behind that obscure silver door? Let’s open it and find out…

Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Menu.

If you have always loved the idea of wining and dining in one of the world’s top exclusive restaurants, The Menu will swiftly knock that notion out of your head.

Directed by Mark Mylod who also directed episodes for Succession, Game of Thrones and Shameless, The Menu takes viewers on a journey via a couple to an island in the middle of nowhere to experience an exclusive restaurant where the chef has prepared an opulent menu – but with a horrifying twist.

For those of you who have already taken part in The Menu, you might be wondering what was actually behind that robust silver door.

Opening The Menu’s Silver Door

At one point in the movie, Margot who is played by Taylor Joy, notices a silver door as she makes her way to the bathroom in the restaurant. As she becomes curious about where it leads, the waitress Elsa stops Margot from entering and tells her that “something very special” lies behind the silver door.

Later on, Margot is able to go to Chef Slowik’s house while fetching a barrel for him and again, sees the exact same silver door in his home. Matter of fact, his entire house is a carbon copy of the layout of the restaurant. Elsa follows Margot and they get into a bloody brawl, allowing Margot to finally grab the key to the silver door.

Inside the room is a shrine to the Chefs past that includes some pictures of his family, a radio that she calls for help on, and the key ingredient – a picture of Slowik posing happily as a run-of-the-mill cook in a fast-food burger joint. This very image is what helps Margot by honing into Slowik’s more joyful and simplistic past by ordering a standard cheeseburger and escaping the hellish restaurant.

The Menu is streaming right now on HBO Max and Disney Plus.

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