Episode one of HBO’s The Last of Us has dropped so if you’re looking for what FEDRA means and stands for, we have you covered.

After 10 years, The Last of Us has made its way to the world of TV shows and for fans of the original game, it almost feels like a surreal dream come true. Already the HBO show has received critical acclaim and we’ve only gotten to the first episode of the nine part series.

As Joel, Tess and Ellie make their way across America while coming under threat from every angle of the deadly post-apocalyptic world, those new to The Last of Us’ narrative may wonder what FEDRA stands for and who they are.

Let’s explore the US military group that seems to be causing much more harm than good.

What does FEDRA stand for?

FEDRA’s code name stands for Federal Disaster Response Agency or Federal Disaster Response Administration, an agency run by the government that was deployed when the viral outbreak began in September 2013 and is tasked with ruling quarantine zones.

Although it’s not categorically stated in The Last of Us, the soldier who gunned poor Sarah down at the start of the show may also be part of the FEDRA or he could be a drafted civilian worker but either way, it goes without saying that anyone associated with the group usually doesn’t have the best of intentions.

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What does FEDRA do?

FEDRA’s mean aim is to make sure the fungus is controlled at all times and in order to do this, detection equipment was formed. The handheld virus detector will pick up if another person is infected with the fungus or if they are free to go into the QZ, which stands for quarantine zones.

The FEDRA is also placed at checkpoints through many cities where they have created gigantic walls littered with guard towers and spotlights, honing in on anyone brave enough to try and escape. There is also a FEDRA boarding school enrolling children who want to become soldiers and join the questionable group.

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