This week delivered some new details on Sony’s Kraven the Hunter movie and we discuss the first appearance of the character in Marvel Comics and share the details coming from CinemaCon.

We previously discussed who the members of the Sinister Six are, following on from the Mobius post-credits scene that seemed to tease that the villainous group would be teaming up in the future.

Directed by J.C. Chandor and based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, the American superhero movie, Kraven the Hunter, will be the fourth installment in Sony’s Spider-Verse, starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ariana DeBose, Russell Crowe, Alessandro Nivola and more.

What was Kraven the Hunter’s first appearance in Marvel Comics?

Kraven the Hunter’s first appearance was in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 (1963), written by Stan Lee with artwork by Steve Ditko.

This issue follows Chameleon who is hellbent on defeating Spider-Man once and for all and ends up hiring Kraven the Hunter to do his dirty work.

Sony’s movie will also star the Chameleon, played by Fred Hechinger, and it will only be a matter of time before the pair meet up with Spider-Man.

Comic-book Kraven the Hunter wearing animal print clothes and a toothed necklace while raging
Kraven the Hunter – Cr. Variant Comics/YouTube

Kraven the Hunter age rating confirmed at CinemaCon

Attendees of CinemaCon 2023 were treated to a first-look trailer at the event, which accompanied some exciting details about the Kraven the Hunter movie.

As fans witnessed a rather bloody trailer of Kraven viciously dealing with his victims, the actor appeared at the event to confirm the movie will be R-rated – which will be Sony’s first R-rated Marvel movie.

The trailer also showed a first look at Alessandro Nivola’s Rhino, which is meant to be a physical departure from the version shown in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Fans believe Aaron Taylor-Johnson will make a cameo in Across the Spider-Verse

Aaron Taylor-Johnson previously shared the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer on Instagram with the caption “New trailer drop, In theatres June 2.” with the hashtag “#SpiderVerse.”

This led fans to believe that Taylor-Johnson was involved in the animated movie since actors don’t normally share trailers on their social media for projects they haven’t worked on.

Since there is a slim chance that he will return as the MCU’s Quicksilver, this suggests that the actor will appear as Kraven the Hunter in animated form first.

By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Kraven the Hunter is due to release in the United States on October 6, 2023.

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