The Chainsaw Man manga series is on a break this week, but when will chapter 132 release and why is everyone talking about a ‘parody’?

Whilst the majority of manga readers enjoy their favorite series from the comforts of the weekend, the mid-week manga conversation is decidedly dominated by Chainsaw Man.

Following the popular MAPPA adaptation last year, the series has seen a spike in sales around the world; however, there will be a notable Denji-shaped hole in this week’s reading list.

Unfortunately, there is no new Chainsaw Man manga this week, but when will chapter 132 now release worldwide, and why are people discussing an ‘adult parody’ of the series?

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Chainsaw Man chapter 132 release date and time

Chainsaw Man chapter 132 will not be releasing this week, June 6, as many fans may have anticipated, with the popular manga series taking a short hiatus.

The good news is that the upcoming break will not be an extended one, with chapter 132 now scheduled to launch around the world on Tuesday, June 13.

As confirmed by Manga Plus, the new chapter will release at the following international times:

The new chapter will be available to read for free via digital platforms Viz Media and Manga Plus for the next three publications, after which an active subscription of $2.99 a month will be required to gain access.

Manga Plus can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play.

Chainsaw Man ‘adult film’ parody outsells anime

Whilst you would expect that the delay to the Chainsaw Man manga would be the top story of the week, you would be mistaken; a report claiming that an ‘adult film’ parody of the anime adaptation has sold more copies than the TV series itself.

According to Anime Explained, the parody (which is aptly titled ‘Dildo-Man’) sold more than 8,600 copies of its Blu-Ray DVD release in its first week in Japan.

Compare that to the Blu-Ray DVD sales of the actual Chainsaw Man anime, which reportedly came in lower than its ‘adult’ counterpart with just 1,735 copies sold in its first week.

In the film, Denji’s chainsaws are replaced by adult toys and the names of various characters were changed, Denji to Chinji, Makima to Bakima for example, as well as the main character being revived by the god of adult toys, rather than the Chainsaw Devil like in the series.

Anime Explained describes the film as:

“In the plot of Dildoman, Chinji lived a life of extreme poverty and was deceived and murdered while working. He was revived as “Dildoman” by the devil of the dildo, Gorota. Later, he was scouted by the Devil Hunter and Magic Affairs Department, Bakima, and he began challenging the demons with impure motives…”

Unfortunately, this rather-humorous story has a dark side; the Chainsaw Man anime DVD sales were surprisingly low, to the point that fans are starting to question whether it was enough to guarantee a second season.

As noted by one outlet, “If there’s a pornographic adaptation of an anime that’s performing better commercially than the original, that’s a glaringly obvious sign that there’s a problem.”

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