Where can you read the original Alice in Borderland manga series in English and how many volumes have been published so far?

The Alice in Borderland series on Netflix has taken the desolated world by storm over the past several days, following the premiere of season 2 on December 22.

However, many fans are enjoying the Japanese live-action series without realizing that the show is actually an equally-enthralling adaptation of an original manga series.

So, where can you read the Alice in Borderland manga in English, and how many volumes have been published as of December 2022?

Where to read the Alice in Borderland manga in English

The Alice in Borderland manga, written and illustrated by Haro Aso, debuted in Shogakukan’s shonen manga magazine Shonen Sunday S in November 2010; running until March 2015.

The series would then shift distribution partners to Weekly Shonen Sunday, where it would be serialized from April 2015 to its eventual conclusion in March 2016.

A grand total of 18 complete Tankobon volumes of the Alice in Borderland manga have been published in Japan; however, only eight of those available volumes have been published in English.

Physical copies of the Alice in Borderland English manga can be purchased via Amazon, Book Depository, Waterstones, and Bookshop.

Alternatively, digital versions are also available through Google Play, Apple iBooks, and Amazon Kindle.

Volumes 8 and 9 are each set to launch in English on March 21, 2023; pre-orders are now available.

There are also two Alice in Borderland spin-off manga series

Interestingly, there are also two different spin-off manga series related to the Alice in Borderland series that have been published in Japan; titled ‘Alice on Border Road’ and ‘Alice in Borderland: Retry.’

Eight volumes of Alice on Border Road and two volumes of Alice in Borderland: Retry have been published in Japan, but neither of these series has yet received an English release.

Shogakukan comics describes Alice on Border Road as:

“In a world in ruins, a young girl aims for her hometown. A high school girl, Ariju Kojima, wakes up one morning in Kyoto, where it seems as if decades have passed without a soul. She meets ten various men and women who, like herself, have lost their memories and wear picture cards of playing cards.

However, their opinions are divided over whether or not to head for Tokyo. In an unusual situation in which she senses someone’s artifice, one by one incidents begin to occur…Can Alice face the cruel world and make it to Tokyo alive?” – Alice on Border Road synopsis, via Shogakukan-comic.jp.

Shogakukan comics describes Alice in Borderland: Retry as:

“Ryohei Arisu, a school counselor who has grown up and is working hard at his daily job, wakes up one day in Shibuya, a place filled with non-human life. Before his confusion subsides, he is lured by the lights to a place where he meets five strangers, men and women, and the corpse of a …… mysterious man! As memories of the past come flooding back in the face of this bizarre scene… the start of the “game” is announced.” – Alice in Borderland: Retry synopsis, via Shogakukan-comic.jp.

Fingers crossed that both these series receive English serialization in 2023 after the live-action Netflix series teased a potential third season.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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