On the back of new details surfacing for I Am Legend 2, we confirm where you can watch I Am Legend’s alternate ending, reveal if it’s streaming, and explain the ending to get you up to speed with the sequel.

The post-apocalyptic horror has become a staple in the genre over the last decade, standing as one of the more moving zombie tales to date.

Directed by Francis Lawrence, the popular 2007 adaptation of Richard Matheson’s 1954 novel I Am Legend became a popular survival horror movie of its generation, starring Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, Emma Thompson, and more.

Where to Watch I Am Legend alternate ending – Is it streaming?

There are a number of places where you can watch I Am Legend’s alternate ending, but the easiest place to revisit it is on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime is only available through a subscription that begins with a 30-day free trial, but the platform has clearly labeled which version is the alternate ending and is available for $14.99.

In addition to Amazon, the alternate ending is also available to buy on Google Play, and fans in the UK can stream this version on Sky or Now TV.

I Am Legend alternate ending explained

In the original I Am Legend ending, Robert sacrifices himself by orchestrating an explosion that consumes both himself and a number of the mutant zombies, allowing Anna and Ethan to escape.

In the alternate ending, however, Robert realizes that the reason the mutants are attacking him is that he captured the leader’s partner and tested on it. Upon releasing the test subject back to the mutant group, Robert is able to escape with Anna and Ethan, cure in hand, and leave for Vermont with them.

Both endings suggest Robert is far from the hero he makes out to be, testing and killing the mutants that still carry some form of humanity inside them. When audiences shared their negative reactions to the original ending, director Lawrence, decided to release the alternate ending.

Close up of Will Smith in I Am Legend with city lights behind
I Am Legend – Cr. Warner Bros. Entertainment/YouTube

I Am Legend 2 will follow the alternate ending

It was recently confirmed that the anticipated I Am Legend sequel would follow the alternate ending of its predecessor, treating it as canon.

Fans of the first movie will know that this is the only way for Will Smith’s character, Robert, to return in the sequel, since the protagonist died during the original ending but survived in the alternate.

Joining Smith on the sequel front will be Creed and Black Panther star, Michael B. Jordan, whose character remains a mystery for now.

It was also reported that the writer of the first movie, Akiva Goldsman, would be returning to produce the sequel.

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