Warning- Spoilers for YOU Season 4 ahead

YOU Season 4 has arrived on Netflix, and it has introduced us to a new set of characters in the form of rich spoilt douchebags. Besides the spoilt crowd, we also get to meet a warm-natured author Rhys Montrose (played by Ed Speleers), who crosses paths with Joe Goldberg at a party. After that, the two keep running into each other and ends up bonding. Well, this article talks about the newly introduced character, Rhys, and the actor who has played him onscreen.

The most fearsome, charming, and smartest serial killer, Joe Goldberg, is back in YOU Season 4. But this time, things have changed around him as he relocates to London and adapts to a new identity. Also, the latest season of the television series shows that the predator has now become prey.

Who is Ed Speleers?

Ed Speleers is a 34-year-old actor and producer who debuted in the film industry by getting a role in Eragon in 2006. After that, he appeared in 2008 in the television series Moving Wallpaper, Moving Wallpaper: The Mole, and Echo beach. Since then, he has appeared in several films and television shows, including YOU Season 4 as Rhys Montrose.

When interviewed by radiotimes.com, he expressed his feelings about YOU Season 4. You can have a look below at what he said in the interview:

This is a series that elevates things. There are elements that are supposed to be slightly eyebrow-raising and they are supposed to be fun, and we are supposed to glitz it up a little bit. I think that’s been interesting to explore.

Who is Rhys Montrose in YOU Season 4?

Rhys Montrose is a novelist who meets Joe, now known as Johnathan Moore (a literature professor), at a party. Johnathan gets stunned to see a person like him at a party full of wealthy party animals. After their first meeting, they continue to meet on several occasions, and soon, they develop a friendly relationship. As Joe, aka Johnathan, was living a lonely life in a new place, he found Rhys to be someone he could trust. However, what is seen is not always true.

Things take a drastic turn when Malcolm is found dead at Joe’s apartment. A night ago, Joe was so intoxicated that he hardly remembered anything. He somehow discards the body, but that was not the end of the story. Joe receives a text from someone who says that he knows what he did with Malcolm’s dead body.

Earlier, Joe was being accused of killing people brutally, but it came out as a shock when Rhys Montrose turns out to be the killer. He also asks Joe to join hands with him and free the world from wealthy people, but Joe refuses to accept the proposal.

Well, as this was only the first part of YOU Season 4, we may get to see Joe and Rhys dealing with the friendship turned into rivalry in the next part.

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