HBO’s House of the Dragon introduced us to several big houses, including House Targaryen, House Velaryon, and House Hightower. As the third episode of the TV show introduced us to Jason Lannister from House Lannister, fans want to know more about him and Jefferson Hall, who has played the role of the character.

Apart from this, we discuss how Jason Lannister and his twin brother from House of the Dragon are related to Lannisters from Game of Thrones.

House of the Dragon | Fire Will Reign Official Promo Trailer | HBO Max

House of the Dragon | Fire Will Reign Official Promo Trailer | HBO Max

Who is Jason Lannister?

During the reign of King Viserys Targaryen, Jason Lannister was the Lord of Casterly Rock and head of House Lannister. On the other hand, his younger twin brother Tyland Lannister served as a member of the Small Council of King Viserys. The twin brothers are the ancestor of GOT’s Lord Tywin Lannister and his family.

On the TV show, Jason came into the spotlight when he found princess Rhaneyra alone and approached her for marriage. However, his marriage proposal wasn’t fruitful as the princess rejected it. After that, Jason also visits the king himself with the proposal as he doesn’t take Rhanerya’s decision seriously. The king doesn’t force his daughter as his new wife Alicent convinced him to let Rhaenyra choose a worthy husband for herself.

Taking the rejection as a humiliation, Jason stood against Rhaenyra’s claim for the Iron Throne, supporting the Greens in the Dance of Dragons.

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Meet Actor Jefferson Hall

Jefferson Hall is the actor who played the twins in House of the Dragon. Previously, the actor was seen as Ser Hugh of the Vale in two episodes of the first season of Game of Thrones.

Furthermore, Jefferson is popularly known for his roles in Devs, Casualty, Vikings, and more.

House of the Dragon Episode 3: Recap

Two years have passed, and the new queen of House Targaryen, Alicent, is expecting a baby, and prince Aegon has turned two. On the second birthday of the prince, while everyone is enjoying the grand feast, King Viserys and Princess Rhaenyra have arguments regarding Rhaenyra’s marriage.

Princess Rhaenyra and Ser Criston Cole from House of the Dragon
Cr. Disney Plus

Later, Otto Hightower tries to manipulate the king to take Aegon as his successor, not Rhaenyra. However, the king ignores it as he is not in the mood to talk about anything at the moment.

Daemon Targaryen and Lord Corlys Velaryon are dealing with the Crabfeeder. In this, they are accompanied by Lord Corlys’ son Leanor and his younger brother Ser Vaemond.

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