Now that fans of the game finally got their teeth into HBO’s The Last of Us TV show, we check out who Jimmy Cooper is in the series.

*Warning: Spoilers for episode one are inbound*

Have you stopped sobbing and picked your jaw up off the floor yet? No, me either. After what felt like a lifetime of unbearable anticipation, HBO finally treated us to the very first episode in the series yesterday and what a starting episode it was.

With incredible performances from Merlene, Tess, Joel and Ellie, HBO has set us all up for, hopefully, one of the best shows to ever grace our screens and most certainly the best game adaption.

We check out who Jimmy was in the original 2013 game and if they are the same person in HBO’s series.

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Who is Jimmy in The Last of Us and are they in the TV show?

Jimmy in Naughty Dog’s game, The Last of Us, was Joel and Sarah’s next-door neighbor in their suburban house in Austin, Texas. Due to working in the city, poor Jimmy was one of the first to be in contact with the Cordyceps brain infection. In the early hours of the morning, while Sarah is searching the house for her dad Joel, Jimmy can be seen breaking through the glass door in a crazed killing frenzy due to the infection. As he lunges at Sarah, he is stopped in his tracks when Joel puts a bullet in his head.

In HBO’s The Last of Us, Jimmy’s name has been changed to Danny Adler who lives, like the game, next door to Joel. We later see Sarah trying to take the Adler’s dog, Mercy, back to their house but the dog knows something is wrong and makes a run for it. Inside, Danny, played by Brad Leland, and his wife Connie have been attacked by Connie’s invalid mother who is now infected and making a meal out of her daughter on the kitchen floor.

The Last of Us continues on Sunday, January 22 on HBO and HBO Max. For UK viewers episode 2 will be available on Sky and NOWTV the following day.

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